Breaking: James Harden has increased has added a new shot to his repertoire. He now has two moves.

It’s a shame he didn’t pursue chess

The face of your nightmares. 
Photo from

The face of your nightmares. Photo from

Patrick Roghaar, Staff Writer

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If you are a fan of basketball, you should be able to assign a face to the name James Harden. Tall, menacing, minimal facial hair; he’s the complete package. James Harden plays for the Houston Rockets and in short, when he’s on the court they are a rather exceptional basketball team. When James is on the bench, the Rockets are bad. This seems like a pretty convincing argument to give him the MVP award now, right? Harden also averages 34.2 points per game and is currently making history with the most consecutive 30+ point games in NBA history.  It’s no secret this man’s a beast. However, would you believe me if I told you this man has two moves? Well, James Harden has two moves.

I turn on my television to the ESPN section and headlines clutter the screen reading “James Harden is unguardable” and “James Harden is the best offensive player in basketball.” I am somewhat stunned by these. James is pretty good at basketball. He might even be really good at basketball, but I don’t want to go crazy with my opinions. The facts, though, reveal that James Harden’s two moves are his signature step-back three point shot and shooting free throws. Starting with his step-back, Harden very literally takes a step back and shoots the basketball. Is he your MVP yet? This move is deemed unguardable. Additionally, Harden more than occasionally gets a little wild with his steps and commits a travel (more than two steps after picking up the dribble). Is he your MVP now? His other move, which is rather complex so bear with me: James gets fouled, James makes his free throws, James receives his points. If this doesn’t define an offensive powerhouse, I don’t know what does. By the way, I love James Harden.

I highly recommend you tune in to an upcoming Rockets game to see this man go to work; he’s a creative little fella and never ceases to amaze the crowd with his new shots. I hope he doesn’t read this and hunt me down, but who am I kidding; he’s all the way in Texas. A little bird did tell me, however,  that he loves to travel, so who knows. One thing is for sure: James Harden has my MVP vote.

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