Superbowl Commercials

Which ads outshined the players?

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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Super Bowl 53 had the lowest scoring football game ever between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams, and while many were closely focused in on the game, millions of people around the country watch for the iconic and often infamous Super Bowl commercials.

One of the best commercials of this year’s Super Bowl had to be Bud Light’s. The brand’s “dilly dilly” commercials have become popular during the past few months and their Super Bowl ad was just as popular. Incorporating Game of Thrones into the ad paid off, as some sites rated it as the number 1 2019 Super Bowl commercial. Junior Reece Marley stated, “Bud Light doesn’t use corn syrup” when asked his opinion on the commercial. A cool commercial that played was that of Avengers. The Avengers, like other movies, are basing a television show off the characters and plot of the film, showing off the new series. The commercial was exciting and popular among Marvel and adventure movie fans alike.

A 30-second ad for the 2019 Super Bowl cost around 5 million dollars on average. Although a variety of brands participated in the battle of the commercials, the NFL, surprisingly enough, came out on top, winning first place in USA Today’s ad meter, which is a ranking of Super Bowl ads by consumer rating. The ad begins at a black-tie dinner to celebrate the league’s upcoming 100th season, and then becomes a banquet brawl when the golden football falls to the floor. The commercial was packed with tons of NFL stars, both past and present. This star-studded cast was sure to win first. The second-place ad for 2019 was the Amazon Alexa “not everything makes the cut.” It featured an “Alexa Hot tub” and was cleverly entertaining. Some ad meter honorable mentions for Super Bowl 53 were the Microsoft “we all win” ad, The Hyundai “elevator” commercial, and Verizon’s “the coach who wouldn’t be here,” coming in 5th place out of 58 ranked ads this year.

Another key entertainment spectacle that Super Bowl watchers anticipate every year is, of course, the halftime show. This year, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 took the super bowl stage for the first time ever, and were joined by rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi, from the duo Outkast. This year’s concert lacked any noteworthy surprises or exciting events. Many fans and critics alike said that the show was almost as boring as the first half of the actual football game. Senior Sara Mount said that she “didn’t dislike the halftime show, but it was a weird mix of music.” Many seem to agree, Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” doesn’t exactly go along with Maroon Five’s classic hit “She Will be Loved.” Although the band has produced some huge hits, the 2019 halftime show did not do them justice and was reviewed as “boring” by most journalists.

All in all, it’s easy to say that the Super Bowl commercials of 2019 outshone both the halftime show and the actual ball game.


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