The final countdown

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

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With track season winding down to the last few meets, championship season is approaching. These meets consist of PCACs, districts, regionals, and states. These meets are filled with extreme competition, only the top ranking can compete and move on.

East Lake has been thriving this year, getting first place or close to it at many meets. Athletes get new records every meet in different events, we also have athletes top in the district, region, state, and even the nation. The girls team clutched the win at the annual Ed Wells meet, which is one of the most important meets of the year. The boys team has very good athletes that also PR every meet. Overall, East Lake dominates for track in individual athletes and relay teams, East Lake thrives.

Track season winding down has many of the seniors on the team feeling a bittersweet feeling, sad that their season is ending. With this being the last ever meets that they will be running, it gives a feeling of everything being over. Senior Emily Rollins says she feels that “it is crazy to think it’s almost over.” We all have been imagining this moment for years, but it is very surreal to feel that it is here now. Senior night is Wednesday the 27th, which is something that underclassman look up to for years, and with it approaching, the feeling is hard to describe. As a senior myself, find it hard to believe that it is all coming to an end, and I do not know how I will feel after.

After all of the hard work and dedication put into this sport, the real competition season is just beginning. Qualifications and rankings matter the most now and doing your very best to try and make times. When the final race is run, many athletes will be emotional that it is over. The emotions of ending a sport that you have done for so long is a bittersweet feeling, after all of the good and bad races, as well as the memories, we will always remember it.


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