Woods a champion once again

After going 11 years without a major championship Tiger Woods finally is back on top.


After 11 years, Tiger Woods is back on top of the golf world.

Cory Fakterowitz, Staff Writer

Tiger Woods has done what no one thought would ever be possible. He won a Masters in 2019, at the age of 43. After going through so many issues and injuries off the green, what he has done is truly an incredible comeback story. From a personal scandal that ended with a destroyed car due to some cheating as well as four back surgeries, including a spinal fusion, somehow Woods has defied the odds and managed to make it back to wearing a green jacket. In doing so even President Trump has acknowledged this great feat, announcing that Woods would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive.  Woods has now compiled 81 PGA tour wins, including five Masters wins, and made a cool $2.07 million in his latest win.

To think just two short years ago Woods was arrested on DUI charges after driving under the heavy influence of four different medications, including Vicodin. Nevertheless, over the weekend the support for Woods was uncanny with what it seemed like everyone there pulling for Woods to win. Not only fans but many other professional golfers who competed with Woods were thrilled with his amazing performance and were amongst the people to congratulate him. Woods entered the final day of the Masters down by two shots, but by the time they made it to the 18th hole, he had a 2-stroke lead and the fans were loving it. Woods has an estimated net worth of $800 million and has earned over $1.5 billion from prize money, endorsements appearance fees, and other things as well as a $20 million pension. However, winning over the weekend he not only helped himself but helped a bettor make $1.19 million on an $85,000 bet at 14/1 odds. So not only did he win big, but his fans and bettors also received a nice payday and an incredible performance.