Winning Eagles

Brock Maly, Staff Writer

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A silent but deadly menace is committing acts of atrocities against other opponents on the baseball field.  East Lake’s baseball team is tearing through P-County quietly under the radar with no one taking notice at a record of 21-1.  The right combination of pure hitting  and lockdown pitching has stifled every opponent to try their hand at the Eagles.  If you think you can beat East Lake in a defensive slugfest, then you are mistaken. From top to bottom, they will make you pay on all sides of the diamond.

East Lake’s sluggers have stepped up to the plate in a big way this year.  The team’s combined batting average is .374 and its on base percentage is clawing at .500,  in a sport where a Hall of Fame batting average is .300. This really offers a tough bargain for other teams.  Now the Eagles are not a one trick pony at the plate either.  They are not a team full of homerun hitters, but they hit their spots in the gap and make you regret throwing a strike.  So far the Eagles are averaging almost eight runs a game, which becomes almost unbeatable at that level.

East Lake’s pitching staff is one of the best in the country, if not the best.  Their starters give quality starts each and every night, allowing for the bullpen to stay loose and rested. They usually never have to use more than three pitchers a night and that will benefit them hugely in the long run.

The playoffs will start in May and the Eagles must refrain from being like the Lightning. They are one of the best around and have a shot to make something happen this year. The state title is not a far cry and all hands are on deck for the home stretch.