Big Baller catastrophe

Our planet’s greatest family’s monthly update


The Ball family, shown above, may look happy on the outside but is a madhouse within.

Patrick Roghaar, Staff Writer

The Balls are back at it again, making headlines across not just the nation but drawing attention from international countries regarding the recent events that transpired. As stated in my web story on (shameless promotion), $1.5 million of professional basketball player Lonzo Ball’s account went missing. Alan Foster, longtime friend of the Ball family and co-owner of the family brand, Big Baller Brand, was pinned as the reason for the vanishing of Lonzo’s money. In short, Alan is no longer closely associated with the Ball family, and Lonzo Ball is no longer associated with Big Baller Brand. In other news, Liangelo Ball is making the choice between the NBA’s G-League and playing professionally overseas. Lamelo, the youngest of the three prodigies, has wrapped up his senior year and is being evaluated whether or not he can play college basketball in the NCAA. If not, he too will travel overseas and play pro. The three ballers are all on completely different pathways, but it is very apparent that the goal is the game across the board: make it to the NBA.

Beginning with Lamelo, who just finished up an all-star worthy season at the Spire Institute in Ohio. Every week, highlight reels would be playing of his incredible high school games. Now that his senior year is finished, it is time for him to make his decision of what to do next for himself. The ideal pathway to the NBA would be the NCAA. However, there is conflict with that as there are some that don’t believe that Lamelo is eligible to play college ball, since he already played professionally overseas in Lithuania. Lamelo’s eligibility in question is what’s keeping him from moving on with his future, and if he can’t play in college, then back to the overseas route it is.

Liangelo, the middle child, is essentially just hanging out at the moment. After not getting drafted by any NBA teams (not even in the later rounds), Gelo is currently making the choice whether to play overseas in a European league or to play in the NBA’s G-league. He has offers from teams in both leagues, and we fans are awaiting his decision. As of right now, based on Gelo’s social media, he is just hanging out with his girlfriend, eating good food, and living the life of a Ball brother. The true American Dream.

Lastly, Lonzo (still on the Los Angeles Lakers) has broken apart from Alan Foster and Big Baller Brand. All three brothers, for that matter, have broken away from the company. There are speculations as to where Lonzo will sign his endorsement deal, but it seems to most likely be Nike. Lonzo is also recovering from an ankle sprain that kept him injured for the remainder of the season. Lonzo has said in interviews that he plans on working on his free throws and strengthening his lower half this offseason. This is the second season in a row Lonzo has injured his lower half and has had to miss a handful of games, which put a label on himself that he is injury prone. Therefore, his leg workouts this offseason may prove to be huge for the upcoming 19-20 season.

I hope you have enjoyed your Monthly Ball family update. These will be the last one of these for a while, and I’m certainly going to miss someone as nice as yourself. Thank you for sticking with me for all these editions, motivating me to keep going. You have been an excellent reader, but an even better friend. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time and thank you for being you. Until next time, buddy .