Presidential Big Mac

You never know who will accept the offer, but the Bears did not hesitate.

President Trump poses with victorious Lady Bears.

President Trump poses with victorious Lady Bears.

Brock Maloy, Staff Writer

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The fast food feasts continued over the weekend with winner of the NCAA women’s tournament Baylor Bears. This comes after what seems to be a tradition to have fast food served for champs during their visit to the White House to be honored by President Trump.  We first saw it when Clemson won the national title, then with North Dakota State and, now again with the Baylor Bears getting treated to a presidential dinner.

    After finishing 31-1 in the regular season, the Baylor Bears tore their way through the opposition all the way to the finals where they faced their real test of the season.  Led by Arike Ogunbawale in a 31 point night they lasted a surge by Notre Dame in the second half to secure the title by a score of 82-81.  Visiting the White House, which was once a tradition that took no second thought, is now controversial with the Trump Administration.  Most recently Virginia has opted out of their visit to the White Hafter their men’s NCAA national championship run, citing “too busy” as their reason. Either way you shouldn’t be forced to go to the White House but how could you pass up on the food?