Timmy: a basketball story

Can Timmy be successful as a basketball player?


Timmy goes up and under during a game against PHU in his sophomore season.

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

This story begins in 6th grade, with an idea: “could I play basketball?” Growing up, Timothy Brunner, better known as Timmy, had only explored other sports, namely soccer and baseball, to which he very much enjoyed. However, after graduating from Forest Lakes Elementary School, and summer filled with trips to the Countryside Recreation Center, he fell in love with the sport he would play for the next 8 years of his life.

He began his basketball career in 6th grade at Joseph L. Carwise Middle School, where he played as a shooting guard because of his ability to hit the three. He accumulated more and more playing time each year he played, and by 8th grade he routinely started and put up points. During this time, he became close with other players, especially Wyatt Harris and Dakota Speed, who he would eventually play with during his high school career.

As many athletes know, high school sports get very serious and Timmy found that out quickly. He began his high school career on junior varsity during freshman year, but this year was not easy for him. His shooting ability began to slip away as he grew taller and stronger, leaving his game in need of changing. As he struggled to make a change, he saw his playing time dip, but this merely motivated him more to train at a new position: center. After a long summer of grinding, Timmy was now the starting center for junior varsity, leading the team to one of its best JV seasons despite low expectations. This even includes a game in which he dropped 32 points against Countryside, the highest mark any East Lake player scored that year.

While the transition to high school seems difficult, the transition from JV to varsity is significant more challenging , and Timmy again felt the effects of this change. During his Junior year, he saw very few minutes and mainly played during blowout games when all of the back ups went in. Despite this, he continued to train in hopes of a more significant role in his senior year, which is all Tim ever wanted. However, he made a mistake that nearly cost him of any chance of a senior year role. After getting caught up in some wrong choices, he was suspended for the rest of his Junior year, leaving his basketball career in question. Nevertheless, he did not quit, and instead trained harder than he ever had, allowing for him to not only carve out a starting center role his senior year, but also the title of captain.

So could Timmy play basketball? In short, yes. Not only could he, but he even was apart of the first East Lake team to ever beat St. Pete High School, and even they managed to do it three times, all during the playoffs. The team won Districts for the first time, and even made it to the Elite 8 for the first time in school history. This was the most successful year of basketball in East Lake history, and it was all led by the captain, Timmy Brunner.