“Shredding the gnar”


Blair Conklin winner of 2018 Vic competition

Josh Pigozzo, Staff Writer

There is not much known on when skim boarding started; however, there is no doubt that it is evolving into something much bigger.  Now, there are many different ways to skim like wave riding and flat land skimming, which make this sport action packed and full of adrenaline.  Very competitive tournaments are held all over the world and many people treat it as their job.


It’s believed that the earliest start to skim boarding was when lifeguards used to use a simple board such as a piece of wood to slide across the sand to get to a person in need quickly.  People found it very fun and took it to a new level.  Today you can see people gliding into the water to catch a wave off shore on a much more complex board.  Wave riding is the most common type of competitive skimming.  Boards are now made out of better materials, carbon fiber being the best quality, and prices can go over $500!  It is a very expensive sport, but people make it their only career.  Professional skim boarders can make their money through YouTube, sponsors, and tournaments.  Tournaments like “The Vic” have hundreds of competitors and it could make for a huge payday.  The first place winner gets a prize of $10,000.  Flat land skimming is a form that is more comparable to skateboarding.  You can make your own obstacles like ramps and rails and put them at the shoreline.  Then you drop your board and can do a bunch of different tricks like shove its and slides, which make it interesting.


The best place for skimming is in Mexico, but Indian Rocks Beach and Honeymoon Island are some great local places to go.  Of all the board sports skim boarding could be among the hardest of all.  When you combine speed, the drop, timing, and riding the wave all while trying to look stylish it could be quite the task.  But if you practice enough it becomes very addicting and there is no other feeling like it. There is nothing better than going out and hitting some waves with the boys.