Our savior

Matthew Trotto is a deity on and off the football field.

Matthew Trotto is a deity on and off the football field.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Everyone has a different idea of what God looks like. Some people say he has wings; others believe he looks like a huge glowing orb. Heck, some even believe that he is a woman. Every person has their own opinion. However, most people’s opinion is wrong. God is a 6’3”, 210-pound high school man. God is our QB1. Matthew Trotto is God.

I first met Matthew in 7th grade. He was an absolute freak of nature, towering over everybody at about 5’11”. Trotto was immediately an absolute legend. We became friends quickly in gym class, and before anyone knew it, Matt was a part of the crew. Trotto has been a loving, loyal, and caring friend to me ever since then. We have grown close over the years and I have been lucky enough to see Matthew grow and mature into the man he is today.

Matthew has capitalized on his high school experience, both on and off the football field. He has worked his tail off in the classroom to earn a 4.27 weighted GPA along with a stunning 31 on his ACT. This academic success has not come easy for Matt. He always puts his learning first and has spent nights with his nose in the books. On the field, Matt has done what we knew he always had inside of him.  He has silenced doubters, surpassed predictions, and still remains humble. Trotto is always eager to get back on the field to improve his craft. This shows as he continues to surprise everyone every Friday. He currently leads all  8A high school quarterbacks in Florida in passing yards.

No matter what the next step is for Trotto, he will be successful. No matter if its slinging the pigskin at the D1 level or dropping out of college to start his Taco Bell chain, Matthew will do whatever it takes to succeed. I believe in him.