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Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen the King is back.  LeBron James, the greatest player of our generation has ever seen, is leading his Los Angeles Lakers on a trek to the NBA Championship.  The Lakers made some huge moves this offseason, including trading away the young, unproven, and overrated Lonzo Ball.  In addition to dumping the Ball family baggage, the most impressive acquisition of the offseason was undoubtedly the 6’10” power forward, Anthony Davis.  The former 2012 first overall draft pick has added that extra element of star power that has been missing from LeBron’s past teams.  However, this lack of talent in past seasons has not deterred James from winning basketball games, a lot of them.

The LA Lakers are off to a hot start this season and are showing no signs of slowing down.  The NBA season is long, grueling, and taxing on the players.  Players’ schedules are packed with practices, games, traveling, and workouts.  Because of these high demands on the player’s bodies, staying healthy is one of the top priorities.  This is something LeBron has done an excellent job of in past seasons, despite a slight bout with groin issues last year.  If James and his supporting cast are able to maintain their good health, a dominant season and possible championship are certainly within their grasp.

Thus far this season James has three triple doubles and is averaging 24.6 points and 11.1 assists per game.  Aided by Davis, who’s averaging 26.6 points per game, and young talent Kyle Kuzma the Lakers are the dominant force in the Western Conference, with the first-place record of 7-2.

The King’s resume is one of the most impressive stature, but debatably not more impressive than that of Michael Jordan.  James’ entire career has been premised on chasing Jordan’s legacy, and his six rings.  LeBron has made nine NBA Finals appearances, winning three of them, and has been crowned NBA Finals MVP three times.  If all goes as planned for the Lakers this season LeBron will be able to add another ring to that resume.