Last weekend I had a baseball tournament

I found a picture.

I found a picture.

Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

Last weekend I had a baseball tournament.  We left Friday after school and began our road trip to Fort Myers.  I forgot to pack the night before so right when I got home I tried my best to throw together a bag of baseball weekend essentials to take with me on my journey.  Pants… undies… jerseys… everything was coming together just as I had planned it.  We all piled into the car and began our trek to the baseball promise land.

After around the two hour mark my legs had grown sore from sitting so long and I was running out of Dr. Pepper.  With around an hour left on our drive I decided to stomach my issues and resume my binge of Prison Break.  By the way, you should really watch Prison Break.  After finishing a couple episodes, I decide to eat a granola bar, slightly out of hunger, but mostly out of boredom.  As I get bored I move my gaze from my sparsely cracked phone screen out the window of the car, slowly the scenery became more and more familiar and soon after we arrived at the hotel.  We have stayed in this hotel every time we have come to Fort Myers since I was 14 “The duck one” we called it because of the giant duck under the logo.  I don’t remember the name of the hotel (but I will find a picture of it).  Shortly after getting settled into the room and flawlessly executing that cool jump everyone does onto a fresh hotel bed, we had to go to our first game.

The first team we played yelled a lot.  They weren’t very good.  In most cases these two seem to go hand in hand.  They kept reciting lines from Mark Ingram’s press conference where he hyped up Lamar Jackson.  After the seventh “Big Truss… Woop Woop” of the first inning, I was fed up.  No mercy for these fools.  Right off the rip we had runners on and were sitting pretty.  The game itself was moving painfully slow because their coach was only trying to postpone the inevitable with endless pitching changes.  Needless to say we won, 10-2.  They were not good.

Second game got a little hairy as we were down a couple runs early in the game.  Our opponents were a team we had long had beef with, as every time we play them the game had reached extra innings ended in dramatic style.  With us winning both the two previous matchups the pressure was on for us to close out the three peat.  I’ll skip to the juicy stuff, so we scored some runs then they scored some runs, then it was the bottom of the seventh inning and we won the game on a bases clearing walk off dropped third strike, wow how exciting.  The next game was against a team that traveled down from Ohio.  I pitched against them.  I don’t know if they play baseball different in Ohio, but they weren’t very good at the way we play down here.  They seemed to have trouble hitting, fielding, and pitching.  May have just been an off day.  We won 15-0.  The next day we played a team that had kids that looked like they were 30 years old. We lost. The end.