England’s Best Kept Secret

Nasty Nash competing in the toe wrestling championships

Nasty Nash competing in the toe wrestling championships

Reece Marley, Staff Writer

One of England’s best kept secrets is the sport of toe wrestling. Toe wrestling is a sport that involves two opponents who lock their feet together and attempt to pin the other’s foot down. Toe wrestling is like arm wrestling in that there is no time limit. No socks or shoes can be worn at the time of battle. There is a common courtesy within the sport where the opponents take each other’s shoes and socks off, and then link toes before pinning one another down.

Toe wrestling has a history that dates all the way back to 1976. It was started by a group of friends at a pub in Wetton, Derbyshire UK. Many locals in the area thought it would be smart to hold a toe wrestling competition. The toe wrestling national championship is still held in England every year at the Bentley Brook Inn near the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border in August. The sport has continued to gain traction year after year. Media from all around the globe come to cover the championships. Anybody can enter the toe wrestling championships up until the day before the event. Those who seek practice can attend the Royal Oak Inn in Ashbourne, England, where there is a charity fundraising event leading up to the big competition.  Nasty Nash has recorded the most toe wrestling national championship titles since the start in 1976, with 16. Nash once broke four of his toes in a semifinal match where he then popped them back into place and took home the title. He pairs strong toes with extreme intimidation to defeat his opponents.

Many tried to get toe wrestling into the Olympic Games, but the International Olympic Committee refused to accept it as an official sport. The Olympic officials did not think it was popular enough to be considered an Olympic sport. Next time you’re out and about with a friend sit down at a local park and partake in a game of toe wrestling.