Major Ball family update

Gelo Ball has had his ups and downs in his basketball career, but now it is becoming his time.

Gelo Ball has had his ups and downs in his basketball career, but now it is becoming his time.

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

I came home from a typical day of school, just going through the motions, got a little snack, and

laid in my bed. I checked all my social media. Twitter had nothing but Water Wars tweets being fired

back and forth like water guns. Snapchat had stories of girls trying wacky filters and being so quirky for

their followers. And lastly, I refreshed my Instagram feed. My eyes lit up. A post from @bleacherreport,

a reliable source of sports updates and info. The post read, “Liangelo Ball receives G-League contract.”

The big man is one step closer to his NBA dreams, and I couldn’t be prouder.


The most recent Ball Family Update revealed that Gelo had signed as a practice player for the

Oklahoma City Thunder G-League affiliate team. After going undrafted in 2019 and having no place to

turn at the time, being recognized by a G League team was big. But now, he is just getting started. The

Thunder recognized Gelo’s talent, realized the whole stealing in China incident was a mistake, and gave

a contract to a strong and versatile athlete to add to their arsenal. I have no doubt in my mind that he

will have the chance to showcase his abilities and earn himself a contract on the official NBA team.


Gelo has been on and off with Lonzo for my favorite Ball Brother. I like him because Lonzo and

Lamelo have almost identical playing styles and personalities while Gelo is the funny but quiet middle

brother. He’s also the biggest and strongest and has a unique style of basketball that he brings to the

table. I think ever since he left UCLA he has been cast off to the side as a ballplayer. He made a terrible

mistake in China, but that didn’t remove his playing abilities from his body. He’s still the same old Gelo,

and the Thunder are lucky to have him.