The COVID crisis: loss of the NBA

The only issue we should be focused on.


This little baller will go to great lengths to watch his team finish off the season. Will you take the necessary precautions like this guy?

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

The nasty virus has stopped the NBA season cold in its tracks. The 30 competitive American basketball teams were nearing the end of the grueling regular season and the beginning of the infamous postseason, and COVID-19 came into town and put a stop to it. All NBA players, along with all persons in the world, are under quarantine. The load of an 82 game NBA season is enough for these athletes to deal with, and now after being in a competitive and persistent mentality for nearly 8 months, they must come to a complete stoppage of play. This is uncharted territory for the commissioner and executives. What happens next with the season is unknown. All anyone can do right now is hope for the best.

The NBA standings currently show the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks at the top of the Western and Eastern conferences, respectively. The Lakers, led by the great LeBron James, had all the momentum to enter the playoffs as the one-seed and ultimately bring home a championship. This momentum is no more. The New Orleans Pelicans, currently sitting at the 10 seed in the Western conference, was making a run for that eighth seed and a spot in the playoffs with the help of upcoming star Zion Williamson. The momentum has completely shifted. Those are just two examples of the outcomes of COVID-19. All teams are being affected. Some players even have the coronavirus and have been completely quarantined and isolated from the rest of the society. At the time I am writing this, Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Karl-Anthony Towns’ mother passed away the night before with complications from the corona virus. Media outlets like ESPN are re-airing old memorable basketball games on their network. ESPN’s Instagram additionally hosted a horse tournament among players stuck at their homes. The list continues of the craziness surrounding COVID-19. Talks have recently ensued regarding the complete cancellation of the 2019-20 NBA season, and essentially capping off the season with a big ole asterisk. Although this is looking more and more possible, players would have no closure, and would continuously be asking the question “what could’ve happened?”

NBA players appear to be bored out of their minds in this time of isolation. There’s only so many trick shots and cool videos you can make for your fans on Instagram, and I believe it is getting to the point where everyone’s getting antsy. Sports are really taking a hit with this virus, and there’s no apparent sign of the COVID train coming to a stop. If seasons end up cancelled, a large fan base as well as players and organizations will take to social media to voice their immense frustration.  Again, this is uncharted territory. There is no pre-existing solution, and the best way to have the best outcome is to stay safe.