In case you were wondering…

Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

If you have ever thought to yourself “Hmm I am just so curious what a week in the life of a high school baseball player is like,” you’re in the right spot.  Unfortunately, my senior season of varsity baseball was cut short due to Covid-19, but fear not I am still very knowledgeable on the topic thanks to my three previous years on the team.


What does a week for me look like? Depends.  In season you could expect to see us practicing on the field every week day from 2:15-5:30.  On game days we arrive at the field around 4:30 for on field batting practice before a 7:00 game.


Our practices are almost always high intensity and involve lots of moving and throwing.  Baseball is a game of repetition, so you often find yourself repeating the same couple skills or movements over and over again in 15-20 minute periods.  Sure, this may seem boring, but it gives you lots of time to really focus in on the drill and improve your movement patterns, or sometimes just let your mind wander.


“Getting dirty” is something we preach at East Lake. What does that mean? Diving. Sliding. Whatever you have to do to try to stop the ball from rolling by you.  There is nothing a coach hates to see more than lackluster effort from a player if they choose not to get dirty.  This is in play during both practice and games.


So after a practice full of running, sliding, and diving we hustle up to the club house where we change out of our pants and cleats and into our shorts and tennis shoes.  After practice on days when we don’t have games we work out without team strength coach Mike Bell.  We do all sorts of lifting, agility, and conditioning to improve our explosiveness and overall athleticism.


So now for the fun part. Games.  After arriving for pregame batting practice, pitchers grab their gloves and make their way to the outfield to shag balls hit by our hitters.  This is the time when position players hit in the cages, on the field, and take reads live off the bat, but if you’re a pitcher like me you just get to hang out, eat some seeds, and talk to your teammates.


Following batting practice there is usually a brief speech made by our coach then we head back up to the locker room to put on our uniforms.  Games are then begun with the National Anthem, and closed with “Sweet Caroline” (only if we win).


Post-game we do our field clean up then head back to the locker room to change once more.  After talking with the team for a couple minutes we slowly filter out of the club house and back down the stairs, to be greeted by our friends and families.


On the verge of starvation, we clamor amongst ourselves trying to decide somewhere to go eat as a team.  Most of the time our destination of choice ended up being the local McDonald’s where 10-15 of us would post up at a table and chow down on some fine dining.