2020 NFL season predictions



America’s sport is bad and better then ever.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

The NFL season is right around corner, and this season has the chance to be one of the most unique in recent memory, with some stadiums allowing a minimal number of fans and other stadiums not allowing any fans. NFL franchises like the Bills and 49ers are on the rise, and is the Patriots dynasty finally over!?

Starting with the AFC East, I predict that for the first time in 16 years a team other then the Patriots will win the division, and that team is the Bills. I feel the Patriots will be competitive, but the Bills build off their solid season and take the division. Moving on to the AFC North, I say the Ravens win the division with relative ease over the Steelers and Browns. The Browns will gain some buzz to begin the season, but will eventually fizzle off and finish second. For the AFC South it will definitely be competitive between the Colts, Texans, and Titans all fighting for top of the division. It is one of the weaker divisions, but I predict that Philip Rivers leads the Colts to a surprising division title. For the final AFC division, I have the defending champs, the Chiefs, winning the AFC West with no problem. The Broncos will be their toughest matchup, but the Chiefs will be fine.

Now with the NFC, we start with the worst division last year in the NFC East. The Eagles and Cowboys will both have more successful seasons and will duel it out all year, while the “Washington Football Team” and the Giants will battle for third. I see Carson Wentz staying healthy this season and the Eagles will win the division. For the NFC North, I see the Packers winning the division, which might be a weaker year for this division. The Vikings have a good chance of winning the division, but the loss of Stephon Diggs and the struggles from the defense will be too much. With the NFC South, I have the Bucs winning the division in an extremely close race with the Saints. Tom Brady vs Drew Brees should be an exciting matchup twice a year, but Brady gets a slight edge. Finally, I have my most competitive division from top to bottom, which is the NFC West. I don’t think any of the teams will have a losing record, and the Seahawks will win the division over last year’s NFC champion the 49ers. Russell Wilson will have an MVP caliber season, and that gives the Seahawks the edge.

It will certainly be a bizarre year for the NFL season, especially with no preseason games. For the first time in quite a while a team will not go from last to first in their division, and the power house teams will steam roll their way to the playoffs. I think the Super Bowl will be the Bucs vs the Ravens with the Bucs winning Super Bowl LV. The NFL season kicks off on September 10th at 8:20 on NBC with the matchup of the Texans and the Chiefs. Who do you have winning the championship this season?