Whidh NBA2K game has been the best?


The various 2K games form the years starting in 2000.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

NBA2k has been one of the more popular video games for the last few years. It does receive a lot of hate, but it still sells millions of copies each year. I have ranked the past five years’ games from least favorite to most favorite. Warning: number one might surprise you.

Coming in at last is NBA2k18 which should be no surprise. It’s hard to honestly find any positives about this game because the game all around was just bad. The MyCareer and Park game modes were not enjoyable, and simply the gameplay wasn’t fun to play. The game was simply just an updated roster mess. In fairness to this game, the rise of Fortnite during the time definitely affected the amount of people who consistently played. That isn’t an excuse, though, because if the game was actually decent, people wouldn’t have stopped playing.

Coming in at 4th is NBA2k20. This is the most recent game on the list, and if I had one word to describe this game it would be inconsistent. There could days where I had fun playing, and other days when I want nothing to do it. There was just too much luck going on in the game to make it consistently fun. Archetypes who have no shooting abilities would be hitting more 3s than a player who specializes in those kinds of shots. Playing MyCareer against CPU was a waste of time unless you really wanted to grind your player out. Overall a below average game.

Coming in at the middle is NBA2k19. I happened to play this game extremely late into the year so I didn’t get the entire experience, but I enjoyed playing when I was able to. I actually liked how your record showed up in the park, because you can get to know how good the opponents were before you played them. Gameplay was solid and so was MyCareer as a whole. A few negatives I had was getting a very good player was almost impossible unless you constantly played, and there was no rep system so it was all based on overall of your own player.

This might be controversial, but NBA2k16 comes as my 2nd favorite. This is no shade to this game, because it’s actually one of my favorite sports games in general for the past few games. It had an incredible story line in MyCareer that everyone seemed to enjoy. The story was directed by Spike Lee and talked about the ups and downs of a young NBA player. There really wasn’t an aspect of the game that needed to improve, because everything was seemingly balanced. I was big into playing against the CPU this year, and that might have been their best feature.

Coming in at first place would be NBA2k17. This game was just a tad better then 16, but it certainly wasn’t by much. Now the story line wasn’t as good, but it still was fantastic featuring Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I played a lot of park that year, and even if I was losing the games, I was still having a fun time. The overall and rep system was perfect compared to the rest of the games. What gives this game the ultimate advantage was the soundtrack that comes with it. The loading screen music was still very enjoyable and I will continue to love it.

NBA2k has produced some very good games, but recently they have been on the decline. Luckily 2k19 was an average game to help out the recent stretch of horrible games. Luckily, I didn’t put 2k21 on this list because it’s receiving nothing but hate.