Will sports be the same?


We may not see crowds like this for awhile, but we can still enjoy sports from home.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

We all know that all around the world people love sports. They see it as entertainment and the fandom of any type of sport is very strong. Now that corona is here, much has changed for the sports industry.

The games have changed in the way, for example, fans can’t pay a ticket to be able to attend the game physically.

Major league sports were finally able to return from their 4-month break but without the audience. It’s for precaution since so many people attend the games and they don’t want people to get COVID-19. The only people without masks are the players and they have taken the test beforehand. In a way fans look at the games and can finally see something semi normal. The fans can see the athletes smiling and doing what they have always done. The broadcasts showing the game live add audience and music so the athletes and the fans feel how they did before COVID-19. In the stands you can see cut-out figures as if there were people. For the most part fans can enjoy the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and the MLB through the TV. If you think about it, sports with not many people may be able to continue with the right precautions. This week in Tampa we were able to share the victory of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The joy when a team you root for especially if it’s your local team is a very good feeling and even if people couldn’t attend, they can still share the feeling of winning. Earlier in the baseball season, the Miami Marlins had an outbreak of COVID-19 and they couldn’t play with the teams. The good thing is that they were able to recover and are now healthy. They are currently on their way to playoffs and October 2, 2020 they are scheduled to play against the Chicago Cubs. Other good news is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (football) will soon be allowing 25% capacity of fans. Raymond James Stadium will be opening for the first time this season for fans! Other teams have been trying and the Miami Dolphins were able to allow 13,00 fans and the Seahawks might allow it as well.


We don’t know if it will continue to be like this, but the good thing is that they continue to play with the correct precautions. They will soon open but not at full capacity. Meaning fans will most likely be safe and can enjoy the sport face to face. It might be a long time till everything returns to normal, but fans can still enjoy the rivalry of their teams playing. Remember it might not be forever but for now one must adapt and enjoy it either way. It can be home or at 25% capacity, but fans still love the game.