Will the season last?


Titans practice showing coaches not wearing masks.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

We are four weeks into the NFL season and it has already been an exciting start. Teams like the Chiefs, Bills, Seahawks, and Packers all off to a hot start makes it seem like the season should have success moving forward. COVID stepped in, and make week four a unique one for the rest of the league, and raises the question, will the season last?

It all started in the beginning of the week with the news that multiple players on the Titans have tested positive. The Titans organization was forced to shut down practice until Saturday, only giving the players two days of preparation for their game on Sunday. The NFL considered moving them to Monday or Tuesday night, but nothing ended up working out. They decided to make this week a bye week for the Steelers and Titans, and make up their game during the original bye week. This is putting a whole lot on both teams who have playoff expectations, and forcing them to play 13 games straight. This was not the only bad thing during the week.

Only a few days before Sunday’s game, players on both the Chiefs and the Patriots tested positive. The Chiefs had Jordan Ta’amu test positive while the Patriots had Cam Newton test positive. Cam Newton’s unfortunate testing was clearly more impactful, because losing your starting quarterback can be a dealbreaker for most teams. The game was moved to Monday for a rare Monday night doubleheader to end the week. The Patriots lost and really could have used the talent and leadership that Cam Newton provides. COVID just isn’t going away anytime soon, so what is the NFL’s plan about this?

The NFL could take this a variety of directions with creating their own kind of bubble, they could just hope that players are following the safety guidelines and not spread it, or they could just flat out cancel the season. I highly doubt they’ll do option three since so much money is at stake for this season, but the other two are probably what’s going to happen. The NFL may try as hard as they can to not contract it, but it just doesn’t work that way. Players will eventually contract COVID, and from there it will spread to the rest of the league. The NFL could potentially look at implementing a bubble system, especially once the playoffs starts. Imagine how unfair it would be if Aaron Rodgers receives a positive COVID test days before the NFC championship and can’t play. It wouldn’t be fair for his team, and the only way to even everything out is by copying the NBA and NHL with a bubble.

At the moment the Titans might forfeit their next game due to breaking safety protocols. We are only a quarter into the season and the potential problems are slowly starting to creep in. Even if the bubble idea is a long shot, it at least has to have been discussed at some point. I and a lot of people are loving that football is back, but will the season last?