Scoring is bad?


Lions celebrating the other team’s touchdown.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

In a crazy year already in the NFL and college football, this week had a bit of unique strategy. In the Indiana vs Penn State game and Lions vs Falcons game, Indiana and the Lions both decided to purposely allow the other team to score, resulting in a win.

If you’re confused, I don’t blame you because typically scoring is the goal, but there are a few exceptions. The situation with the college game was Penn State was up by one with less than two minutes to go. With no timeouts remaining for Indiana, the game was essentially over as long as Penn State runs the clock out. Indiana’s strategy was as soon as they run the ball, simply just let the player score, limiting them from running out the clock. If they score, the Hoosiers would only be down by eight and would have more time. As soon as Penn State running back Devyn Ford scored, he instantly knew that he made a mistake because it’s still a one score game. Indiana was only down eight and they ended up scoring, and eventually winning in overtime. It was a major upset win for Indiana as they beat the number eight team in the whole country.

The Falcons and Lions game was a similar strategy, but should never have worked since it’s professional athletes. The scenario in this one was the Falcons were down by two but on the ten-yard line and Detroit had zero timeouts remaining. The Falcons could have taken a knee and kicked an essential chip shot, but the Falcons aren’t any ordinary franchise. The Falcons are notoriously known as a team that chokes a lot with the infamous 28-3 blown game in the Super Bowl. They’ve even allowed two fourth quarter comebacks just this season, so choking is simply in their blood. Instead of taking a knee they decided to run it, and the Lions allowed Todd Gurley to score. I’m surprised a player like Gurley would make a mental mistake like that because in the past he has gone down on purpose to keep the clock moving. The Lions after that make an incredible one-minute drive to win the game That goes all down to coaching, and Atlanta simply doesn’t have great coaches.

What an interesting tactic that these teams decided to go with, but in the end it worked. Penn State and Atlanta have to be sick thinking about how they let the game slip between their fingers.