The return of a warrior


Bryant’s signature “X” celebration will surely be used in Baltimore if he is able to take the field.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The news just hit that veteran wide receiver Desmond “Dez” Bryant has been signed to the Baltimore Ravens for a one-year deal. The recent years have been a struggle for Dez with injuries and limited playing time. Dez has shown on Instagram that he has not given up on his career yet despite not seeing the field since 2018.

Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys in 2018 to free up cap space for future players. The 29-year-old saw this as no setback and continued to work hard and eared himself a spot on the New Orleans Saints roster. Bryant was about to suit up for his first game before tragedy struck and he ruptured his Achilles in practice. Dez was demoralized after the incident and never played a single game for the saints.

But now, in 2020, two years since his Achilles injury, Dez was just signed to the Baltimore Ravens for one year. He is hopefully to see the field which he has not played on in two years. Bryant could add valuable height and size to the Ravens wide receiving corps who lack a big target besides their tight end Mark Andrews. With the addition of Bryant, the Ravens could gain a big boost from the veteran and a new mentor for younger players, not to mention his threat in the red zone. Overall, Bryant could potentially add great value to the team.

Bryant’s career on the Cowboys was nothing short of amazing. Selected to three Pro Bowls and leading the NFL in receiving touchdowns in 2014, Dez earned himself a name among the greats. Bryant finished his career with the Cowboys with 113 games played (three in the playoffs) and impressive numbers as well. In his 113 games, Bryant racked up 7,459 yards and 73 touchdowns. Bryant certainly showed out for the cowboys and seeing him off the field is painful for any fan. With such talent, Dez could add value to any team in the league.

Fans will be hopeful to see Bryant take the field but as of now, he is only on the practice squad. He will still have to prove himself in his final battle to see the field. If he can show the coaches and other players that he can still perform like it was 2014, then surely, he will earn a spot on the team.

Bryant was seen on Twitter stating that “My emotions running high right now… I’m thankful…I can’t stop crying” showing his enthusiasm and love for the game. It would be great to see the veteran take the field once again and show that he can still play despite his age.

Instagram has been blowing up with old highlight of Dez on the Cowboys showcasing his six-foot two frame and his nose for the endzone. Emotions will be running high as Dez has the potential to take the field for the first time since week 17 of the 2017 season. Dez has battled this far and one can only hope to see his hard work finally pay off.