What is the problem?

Tom Brady is shown visibly upset

Tom Brady is shown visibly upset

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

The Bucs have fallen to 7-5 after back to back losses, and Tampa Bay fans are starting to get unhappy. After one of the greatest off-seasons in Tampa Bay history, signing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, they seem to be playing flat and always coming from behind. The reasoning for all the struggles comes down to two things or maybe a combination of both.


Maybe Tom Brady is in fact washed up. His last year in New England wasn’t great by Patriots standards and was carried by a very good defense. All the Tom Brady supporters were saying that he had no help with his receivers which is fair, and it seemed like he could flourish under the Bucs elite receiving group. That simply hasn’t been the case and hasn’t really found a strong chemistry with any of the receivers including Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Tom threw for 4057 yards, had 24 touchdowns, and had a 66.77 completion percentage. All those numbers are good, but it’s definitely not for someone on Tom’s caliber. Over a four game stretch this season, Tom Brady went 0-19 on passes over 20 yards down the field. That is horrifically bad and a lot of those throws have been interceptions, killing the momentum. He has 11 interceptions on the year, which puts him near the top for worst in the league. If the Bucs wanted interceptions, they would have kept Winston.


It completely comes down to coaching. Bruce Arians was thought of as a quarterback guru and can really make an offense be elite. In his first year, the Bucs went 7-9 and Winston threw a league high 30 interceptions. It was a bad first year, but the team improved during the draft and free agency and some people were even calling them Super Bowl bound. As boring as it might be to watch, Tom Brady excelled in a Patriots system where a majority of passes weren’t far down the field. He used to throw it to the running backs frequently, but this year at times a kid playing Little League could have better hands then Leonard Fournette. Play to your quarterback’s strengths, because he has six rings for a reason, and Bruce, you sadly have zero.


It’s hard to individually put the blame on one person, but putting the blame on two makes it a lot better. The Bucs may just be an above average team this year that grabs a wildcard spot, but loses in the first round and that’s fine. This team has the second longest playoff drought, and fans need something to be proud of. Hopefully they can be the first wildcard spot because then they would play the NFC East round one, which is an essential bye week. If the Bucs were to completely miss the playoffs, however, Bruce Arians is probably gone.