Tallest and shortest players in NBA history


Biggest height difference in NBA history.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

In basketball, height plays such an important role if you are a good player or not and some of these

players definitely had height. The weird thing is some players have had good career success when they

were even considered short from non-basketball standards. Height certainly helps, but some of these

shorter guys have heart.


Gheorghe Muresan, who is listed at seven foot and seven inches, is the tallest

NBA player ever and rightfully so. Someone at his height could dominate every

single night, but like every giant that has ever played basketball, injures were a

problem. He suffered from injures essentially every single season, but when on

the court he was a weapon. He averaged 9.8 points a game.  He even won most improved player one season, but nothing evolved from that.


The next tallest player also stands at seven foot seven inches and he’s Manute

Bol. Bol was extremely gifted for someone at that height and is considered one

of the best shot blockers in NBA history. His problem is how skinny his frame

was because he played at only 180 pounds. He famously played for the Bullets. He played a several other teams and had a decent career overall.


The shortest player in NBA history was Muggsy Bogues, standing at five foot

three inches. He looked like a great talent coming in and was even drafted 12th

overall. He possessed incredible athleticism with a 44 inch vertical and would

even occasionally get blocks. He averaged 7.7 points per game. He would be a good assist point guard and had a great career.


The next shortest player ever is Earl Boykins, standing at five foot five inches.

Boykins was a journeyman and would go from team to team. He was well

respected around the NBA for his heart and skill set. He was great at setting up

teammates and could score better than expected. He famously played for the Nets and Cavs. He averaged 8.9 points a game and he even scored 32 points in a game.