Heaviest players in NFL history

This is Terrell Brown talking to a normal person.

This is Terrell Brown talking to a normal person.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

In the NFL, there is a diverse group of players usually ranging from 175-350 pounds. There are some

exceptions, however, who were over the usual weight.


The heaviest NFL player in history is Aaron Gibson. He weighed at 410 when he was playing and even

weighed at 480 after he retired. Gibson was beast in college and was an All American and that resulted

in him being a first round pick to the Lions. He ended up having a less than great career and retired quite

early. He now has lost all that weight and even has a six pack. His career lasted ten years.


The next heaviest player is Terrell Brown and he weighed 403 pounds. From a skill and technique

standpoint he wasn’t very good and didn’t last too long in the league but this man who stands at six foot

ten inches was worth a shot. He was not only one of the heaviest players, but also the tallest. He was most famously known for being on the Rams.


The next heaviest player is Nate Newton, who weighed 401 pounds. Unlike the other two players,

Newton was a very good player and actually made it to six Pro Bowls as well as three Super Bowl with the Cowboys. He was even called “The Kitchen” because he was bigger than William Perry, who was nicknamed “The Fridge.” His size was too much to handle.