NCAA Football: it’s in the game


The last version of the game followed the 2014 season and featured Michigan running back Denard Robinson.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

EA sports announced early Tuesday, February 2nd about the reboot of the popular NCAA Football game that centers around the college level. Fans nationwide have been posting and retweeting the news and it has spread like wildfire. EA announced the new title of the game will simply be College Football and look to remake the popular game modes unavailable in Madden, the pro version of the game. With the most recent College Football game being released in 2013, a lot of hype is surrounding the newly announced reboot that has yet to have been given a solid timeline.

The new College Football game is said to be released on the next gen consoles only (PS5 and Xbox Series X) but as of now there is no timetable for when the game will be released. The game is still in early development and is going to be a reboot, so fans can look back at pervious games to see some possible content. The past College Football games includes a surplus of game modes that Madden could never live up to. Some of these game modes includes collecting a team’s pennant after beating them in a game or flashback games that the computer automatically saved if the game was close in score. This is what fans loved so much about the NCAA games, the freedom and creative game modes that only these games offered. One of my personal favorites was the ability to play as any mascot from any team.

EA has hinted about a possible reboot in their Madden franchise games. In one game mode, Face of the Franchise, the user is given the option to pick from select college teams and play a few games with the team. This feature only brought up the question of if EA will ever reboot the NCAA series. Now, fans have their answer and will be hoping the game can live up to the hype. People on social media are already submitting their picks for the cover athlete and current Cardinals NFL quarterback, Kyler Murray, posted a photo of him in his Oklahoma uniform online. If the game is released this year, one favorite for the cover athlete would be Heisman winner DeVonta Smith out of Alabama. EA sports are rumored to be trying to allow the use of players’ names on jerseys that was prohibited by the NCAA in every college football game ever made. This would be a nice touch to be able to see what player you’re using and not just their number.

The hype surrounding the news of the release of a new College Football game is unmatched. Fans have been begging EA to reboot the game after its last release over seven years ago. The big questions are whether the new game will be able to live up to the legendary NCAA series that was surely a fan favorite. It will be interesting to see how EA approaches developing the game and what news will arise in the following months.