The last ten Super Bowls: ranked

With a Buccaneer victory in Super Bowl LV, it’s time to reflect and rank a decade of Super Bowls.

The game itself might have sucked, but I loved every minute of it.

The game itself might have sucked, but I loved every minute of it.

Alex Kajda, Staff Writer

  1. Super Bowl LIII, Patriots defeat Rams, 13-3

There could have been a Brady vs. Brees Super Bowl matchup, there also could’ve been a rematch of the epic 54-51 shootout between the Rams and Chiefs. Even Saints vs. Chiefs would have been a fun matchup. Instead, we were treated to this. Bill Belichick absolutely outmatched the young hotshot coach Sean McVay in this snooze fest of a Super Bowl.

  1. Super Bowl XLVIII, Seahawks defeat Broncos, 43-8

I was big on the Broncos this season. Peyton Manning broke damn near every passing record in the book for a single season and this offense vs. defense matchup was sure to be a classic. The Seahawks’ Legion of Boom didn’t let that happen, though, as they put up an all-time great performance reflective of their incredible defense for the era. This one was over from the opening snap, however.

  1. Super Bowl LV, Buccaneers defeat Chiefs, 31-9

Whew, that felt weird writing that. With a busted O-Line and a Buccaneers team on a mission, the Chiefs didn’t stand a chance for the final three quarters of the game. The whole second half consisted of the Bucs running the clock out while Patrick Mahomes ran for his life and performed circus acts to try to get the Chiefs to finish with a respectable score. This one’s certainly my favorite, but from a neutral perspective, this game definitely was not it.

  1. Super Bowl 50, Broncos defeat Panthers, 24-10

I saw this one coming from a mile away. You know the saying, defense wins championships and this game, along with the Seahawks victory from two years prior, are the crown jewels of this argument. Cam Newton didn’t stand a chance and Von Miller played the game of his life as the Broncos defense stifled the Panthers just enough to where the aging skeleton of Peyton Manning could do just enough with his noodle arm to manage the game. It was nice seeing Peyton Manning come out on top, but it also sucked that the Panthers never got this close ever again with Cam Newton.

  1. Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens defeat 49ers, 34-31

Joe Flacco had himself a run for the ages and capped it off with this victory. This game pitted the two Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other, which was an interesting storyline. The game looked just about over in the 3rd quarter with the Ravens holding a 28-6 lead. And then the lights went out. From then on, the 49ers stormed back but fell just short as the Ravens stopped the 49ers on the goal line whilst holding a five-point lead. This game is in the upper echelon of most Super Bowls, but there are just so many great games as of late that this one stays only at number six here.

  1. Super Bowl LIV, Chiefs defeat 49ers, 31-20

Sorry Niners fans, but here we go again. The 49ers held a 20-10 lead going into the 4th quarter and were stifling the red-hot Kansas City offense. However, the Chiefs were able to explode in the 4th quarter, putting up 21 unanswered points en route to a great comeback victory in this game.

  1. Super Bowl XLVI, Giants defeat Patriots 21-17

In a rematch of the classic Super Bowl XLII from just 4 years earlier, the Patriots were looking to get their revenge, while the 9-7 Giants were looking to cap off their Cinderella postseason run. In an epic duel, Eli Manning got the best of Tom Brady once again and proved that the man is a mere mortal.

  1. Super Bowl LII, Eagles defeat Patriots, 41-33

The 2017 Eagles are one of the craziest teams in recent memory. Their season was such a flash in the pan as this year was their only real season of contention within the decade, and they made the most of it. Most people thought their season was done when starting QB and MVP frontrunner Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Instead, Nick Foles stepped in and guided the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl to face Tom Brady’s Patriots in their second of three straight Super Bowl appearances. This game was a load of fun, as the defenses took the back seat, allowing for the highest scoring Super Bowl ever and the most yards gained in any NFL game ever. Brady’s 505 passing yards were somehow not enough, as Foles and the Eagles were able to outscore Brady’s Patriots in a Super Bowl classic.

  1. Super Bowl LI, Patriots defeat Falcons, 34-28

What more needs to be said about this game?  You all know the story. The Falcons held a 28-3  lead with just over 17 minutes left in the game. Had the Falcons just kneed the ball for the remainder of the game and punted, they probably come out victorious. But instead, they managed to do everything wrong that they possibly could have. Next thing you know, the game’s going to overtime tied at 28. The Patriots won the coin toss, something that I just knew was going to happen since everything was going their way, and they took it down the field for the touchdown, capping off what may be the greatest comeback in NFL history.




  1. Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots defeat Seahawks, 28-24

Although the Falcons game may have been more electric and noteworthy, I feel like this game was a more legendary matchup and will stand the test of time better. If you wanted to introduce someone to football, I feel like this is the game that you show them, because it has everything in it. It’s got great offense, great defense, a great comeback and so many twists and turns culminating in the greatest of them all, the Malcolm Butler interception on the one-yard line to seal the game. This game might just also be the greatest Super Bowl of all time.


This past decade has produced some great Super Bowl games. Hopefully in the coming games we see some more nail-biters, and with the Patriots dynasty looking like it’s coming to a close, hopefully some more team diversity in these games as well. It would be interesting to see any games be better than the top three, as I believe those games are solidified classics that we were all lucky to watch.