It’s all over

Baseball is right around the corner.

Baseball is right around the corner.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

The NFL season has finally concluded, and people like myself now need to find something entertaining

to watch until the NFL season starts again. There are a few options you could take if you just enjoy

watching sports.


The NBA would probably be your best option because of how high paced it really is. The NBA features stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry which leads to a lot of excitement around the league. The season hasn’t been going on for too long and teams have played around 25 games so far. It’s never too late to get into basketball and pick a favorite team (unless it’s the Lakers). March Madness is also a viable option, because of how much energy and excitement it builds. Hopefully March Madness ends up happening with some fans in attendance because of how much fun it is to watch.


Your next best bet would be the MLB because baseball is America’s sport. Baseball has been around for

so long and rightfully so. The season doesn’t start until April, but we aren’t too far away from Spring

Training starting up. The hometown Tampa Bay Rays just made it to the World Series even with the

smallest payroll in baseball. Even with some questionable off-season moves, the Rays could be looking

for revenge and once again surprise people in the playoffs.


You could take a safe bet and watch the NHL, because the physicality in hockey is similar to football. It’s

a whole new element, however on ice making it very interesting to watch. The season just started with

teams just playing a few games so far. The Tampa Bay Lightning just happened to win the championship

last year, and the year before that set the record for most wins in a season. The Lightning are a talented

team and are looking to take it back to back.