Baseball, here we go


The face of better right here…Mookie Betts

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

The NFL season has just come to an ending and people have some options for what they can watch. The

NBA will first come to mind, but some people won’t be watching it due to the high amount of politics it

contains. The next best option you have is baseball…. America’s sport.


Pitchers and catchers have already reported for workouts soon to get ready for spring training, and In a little over a month baseball should have begun and I’ll do a little recap for what happened last

season. The Dodgers were finally able to win a World Series after so many seasons of choking it away. A

team that already had so much talent and money traded for superstar Mookie Betts. On the other side,

the small market Rays made an incredible run to the World Series, beating huge market teams such as

the Yankees and the Astros. Both teams are trying their best to make it back. The Yankees are probably the AL favorites based off money alone.


For this next upcoming season, the Dodgers upgraded their roster again and added Cy Young award

winner Trevor Bauer, making him the highest payed player in baseball. Teams like the Padres and Mets

also tried to upgrade their team as much as possible with the Padres getting Blake Snell and the Mets got Francisco Lindor. The Rays unfortunately look to take a step back as

they traded away star pitcher Blake Snell and didn’t resign Charlie Morton. The Rays have one of the

richest owners so why don’t they ever resign players on big deals? Don’t ask me, I’m just a kid who

writes newspaper articles. They do have the best farm team in all of baseball, so they could surprise people once again.


If I were to predict, the Dodgers will probably be back in the World Series and dominate the majority of

the regular season. I wonder if the Yankees are finally going to start winning some games, because their fans haven’t been too happy about the teams performance recently