The Detroit Lions questionable offseason moves/why am I still a fan?


This will be me in September when the season starts back up.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

As I wrote in an article earlier this year, the Detroit Lions traded away their franchise quarterback, Matthew Stafford. You would think this would make way for some big offseason plans. You would think.

In the trade, the Lions received 26-year-old Jared Goff, who has proven repeatedly to crack under the pressure and lack the leadership to build a team. Nevertheless, the Lions pursued him and are paying him millions, while also picking up a part of Stafford’s contract even thought he is on another team. But that is behind us and I was looking forward to seeing what our GM, Brad Holmes, would do in the offseason. So far, we have given away our three best players. Matthew Stafford, Kenny Golladay, and Marvin Jones have all been lost, and I wish I could say we got something out of them.

I already described the Stafford trade above and for him we got Goff (and some good draft picks over the next years). This trade was like trading a fruit roll up for a tuna sandwich at the lunch table in elementary school, Goff being the tuna sandwich. As for the Golladay trade, I mean release, the Lions received nothing. Golloday was off his rookie contract and the Lions decided to just let him leave and get signed. He was signed by the Giants and they got him without having to get their hands dirty. Golladay signed a four year 72-million-dollar contract with the G-men and will be accompanied by Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton. Golladay was a great player for the Lions and should have been worth something. But no, the Lions just decided to let him leave. This is the same case for Marvin Jones. The team let him walk as well and he was picked up by the Jaguars. Jones is older and not worth as much as Galloday but still could have been bargained for something like draft picks.

Speaking of draft picks, the Lions have the 7th overall pick in the NFL draft, and I cannot wait to see which bust we pick this year. Experts have the Lions picking heavy defense and going for another cornerback from Alabama, Patrick Surtain ll. After that it’s more defense with a couple linebackers and defensive ends in the mix. Jeff Okudah was our first pick last year and he played a whopping five games out of the 16-game season due to a nagging hamstring injury. A few weeks ago, I would say that we need to draft defense, but given that we just gave away our offense I think we just need to focus on rebuilding for the 10th season in a row. I hope that our new coach, Dan Campbell, can turn things around in the next couple years. We have just given away our hometown boy Stafford and now it’s time to rebuild entirely. Right now, we need to be looking into the future at our draft picks over the next years and strategically building the team that Campbell has in mind. I just cannot wait to watch Jared Goff, a quarterback I have spent time making fun of with my friends, lead my team with (as of now) no real offensive threats.

It will be an interesting next season for sure and somehow my expectations have dropped even lower. I do not look forward to watching Jared Goff and a broken Lions team try to compete with teams like the Chiefs or the Packers, but I will still support them with all I have. As much pain as the Lions cause me, I will forever be a fan, and nothing will change that.