Wild NFL offseason


The winners of the offseason.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

We technically are only a week into free agency and there have already been so many interesting moves that could greatly affect their own teams. The winners so far would have to go to the Patriots after they went on a shopping spree, something they aren’t typically known for. They rebuilt their entire receiving corps adding two great tight ends and two solid wide outs. The players were Nelson Agholor, Hunter Henry, Kendrick Bourne, and Jonnu Smith.


Free agency is always about bringing in new players but also retaining their own and no team did that better then the Buccaneers. They had the hard task of bringing back Shaq Barrett, Chris Godwin, and Levonte David and they were able to do it no problem. The defending Super Bowl champs aren’t going anywhere and that’s forcing teams to go all in.


A team that made a few splashy moves are the Giants headlined by Kenny Golloday and Adoree Jackson. Although they definitely did overpay on each player, these moves were necessary in order to compete in that weak NFC East division. Washington did a solid job getting guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Curtis Samuel.


The Saints at one point were 90 million over the cap so for them to finally make it to the positives would be considered a success. They did have to let go some great players, however, and Drew Brees also retired leaving a question mark at quarterback. They had to give up players like Kwon Alexander and Emmanuel Saunders. A team like the Colts has to be the most disappointing, because of how much money they contain. The Colts are only a few upgrades away from being a really great team, but they haven’t done anything to benefit the offense under new quarterback Carson Wentz.


Last but definitely least would be the Packers. The Packers are known for making dumb moves during the off-season and not smart draft picks as well, and this year is no different. Instead of paying the all pro lineman they decided to use that money on extending a running back, when they already have a great cheap backup. Aaron Jones deserved that money, but not for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers still doesn’t have a great receiving option besides Devante Adams and it doesn’t look like that’s changing.