Super League or super fail?


The fans spoke for everyone as this viral image displaying how the people felt about the Super League was spread across social media like wildfire.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The announcement of a new Super League for the world of soccer has been answered with a fury of angry fans and upset clubs. The Super League concept was designed to create a new platform of soccer for the world stage. The new league would take only the best of the best as to increase the number of games between teams who usually don’t play each other unless it’s in the Champions League. Some are calling it “the death of football” and all of this hate has unfolded in a matter of days.


The concept of the Super League has been bounced around many times and first came about in the 1990s. Less than a week ago, Sunday April 18th, the plan was enacted and began with 12 original teams pledging to join. Those teams included AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Real Madrid, and Tottenham Hotspur. Notice how I used the past tense when referring to these teams because as of now, all six of the English Premier League teams (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Tottenham Hotspur) have withdrawn from the league. This is because if a club chose to participate, they would be banned from all other competitions. The Football Association made this threat to ban the English teams and thus caused the owners to not go through with their original decision. Further bans would include the Premier League, World Cup, and other major completions in soccer such as the Champions League. Social media blew up with protests and information about the so-called super league and it led to more support against the idea. Everywhere I looked I saw posts about the super league and saw teams either joining or withdrawing from the league. With the English teams backing out, the foundation of the league crumbled and ended right there.


The Super League was set up for money hungry owners who only cared about themselves. They claimed it would “save” soccer, but soccer doesn’t need saving. The idea was set to replace the Champions League, which includes teams all across Europe. The issue was that the way the Super League was set up was that it would only benefit those involved. And it’s no coincidence that every club that joined was a major football club with lots of money to throw around. The Super League has only led to bad things as Ed Woodward, Vice President of Manchester United, was forced to step down after severe backlash for the Super League concept. He and the club were considered to be a founding point and big supporters of the new Super League. But fans and coaches/players have spoken out and saved soccer from possibly one of its biggest mistakes ever. The Super league would’ve changed soccer as we know it today and thrown off the balance of everything soccer stands for. Soccer was created by the poor and should never be plays only for the money. The Super League would’ve gone against what soccer truly is.


Thankfully, the Super League has crumbled because of the outrage it sparked among teams and coaches. The main supporter, the six English clubs, all pulled out on Tuesday, April 20 and solidified the end of a terrible idea. The Super League was presented two days after it was presented. The concept that has been brewing for decades has been shut down in a matter of days. It is relieving to see this scare go away and know that soccer will not be changed and that the fans and clubs will not let it.