Is drafting a QB in the first round worth it?


Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is projected to go as high as third overall on Thursday, which I believe is a huge reach.

Alex Kajda, Staff Writer

With news and rumors swirling about the upcoming NFL Draft on Thursday, there have been reports of up to five quarterbacks being selected within the first ten picks. The San Francisco 49ers traded all the way up to pick #3 and many believe they’ll take a QB with that pick. This to me seems like a reach, and in all honesty, some of these teams are too desperate and too quick to pull the trigger on a young quarterback. Many of these picks don’t even pan out, and I’m here to review the past decade of first-round QBs to prove this notion.


Andrew Luck – I’m not going to count this as a boom or bust, Luck was an elite QB for many years but injuries forced him to retire in 2019. I believe Luck would’ve continued to play at an elite level but not enough to make the Colts true contenders, much like the majority of his career.

Robert Griffin III – Griffin had a great rookie year with Washington, but after hurting his knee in year two, never returned to form. Kirk Cousins pretty quickly took his starting spot and Griffin currently serves as a backup for the Ravens. Without injuries, this could possibly be a different story, but this pick was a bust.

Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill is proving solid with the Titans, but his time with the Dolphins, who drafted him, was mediocre at best. He wasn’t really the piece they needed, so this one was a bust for the Dolphins.


EJ Manuel – The Bills got desperate and really missed with this one, Manuel never was able to secure himself as a starter in the league, so this one is definitely a bust.


Blake Bortles – Ooh boy. Bortles looked solid after his 2nd season and then even led the Jaguars to the AFC Championship in 2017. But Bortles never really found consistency and was a turnover machine. The Jags let go of him in 2018 without any regret, so he’s surely a bust.

Johnny Manziel – Not much to really say here. Absolute bust, to the highest degree. Manziel was run out the NFL very quickly and has had shorts stints in the CFL and FCFL.

Teddy Bridgewater – here’s another one I’m not going to label, as Bridgewater suffered a freakish knee injury in 2016 that he never recovered from with the Vikings, so they were forced to move him. Bridgewater’s done solid in the meantime in New Orleans and was decent this past season with Carolina. I’m going to pass on labelling this one.


Jameis Winston – The Bucs’ five seasons with Jameis Winston were a roller coaster. His 32 TD 30 INT season in 2019 was the nail in the coffin and the Bucs swiftly moved on from him. Winston is currently fighting for a starting spot in New Orleans, so I wish him the best there, but for the Bucs, he was a bust.

Marcus Mariota – Mariota never was the special player he was supposed to be coming out of college. After Ryan Tannehill took his job in 2019, the Titans moved on from Mariota, who is now a backup for the Raiders. Safe to say, he was a bust for the Titans.


Jared Goff – Goff had some solid seasons with the Rams, but they moved on from him this offseason in a trade with the Lions. Goff did reach a Super Bowl, so I can’t say he was a bust, I’ll just say he didn’t fit the bill for the Rams.

Carson Wentz – Wentz was solid his first two or three seasons, the Eagles won a Super Bowl when Nick Foles took over for Wentz’s injury, which has to hurt his credibility a little bit. With Wentz as starter, the Eagles struggled the last two years, especially on offense. He’s now on the Colts after the Eagles moved on from him. I’ll just say Wentz didn’t fit the bill either.

Paxton Lynch – You probably didn’t even know he was a first-round pick by the Broncos, absolutely a bust.


Mitch Trubisky – The Bears never got Trubisky’s full potential and reached heavily to draft him. They got rid of him this offseason for Andy Dalton. I think that tells you enough that he was a bust.

Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes – Ok, now these guys were booms and major hits for both the Texans and Chiefs. I don’t have to say much as these two are bona fide superstars in the NFL.


Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson – These three players became stars very quick into their careers. Allen and Jackson are a level above Mayfield, but all these players are booms and will be great for their teams in the foreseeable future.

Sam Darnold – Darnold never showed his college brilliance at any point that he was on the Jets. The Jets gave up on his in just three seasons and he’s now on the Panthers. This was a bust.

Josh Rosen – It only took one season for the Cardinals to move on from Rosen. Rosen couldn’t even keep a practice squad spot this season with the Bucs, definitely a bust.



Kyler Murray/Daniel Jones – Too soon to judge. Murray is looking great and Jones looks about average, but it’s too soon to judge either of these players as they’ve only played two seasons and their paths could alter.

Dwayne Haskins – Haskins never showed any signs of being elite with Washington and was cut from the team this past season. Haskins is definitely a bust.


Joe Burrow/Tua Tagovailoa/Justin Herbert/Jordan Love – Too soon to judge as well. Herbert looks like he could be a star as he won rookie of the year. We’ll have to see how Burrow’s torn ACL impacts his future play; hopefully, it doesn’t derail his young career. Tua will take some work; this season will be a major one to see if he truly has what it takes. Jordan Love has not taken a single NFL snap, so you can’t make an opinion on him at all.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like reaching for a QB ends up all that successful. A majority of QBs didn’t make it past their rookie contract, meaning GMs must be really careful with whom they select. Between Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields, I believe at least two if not three will end up being busts for their team. It’s up to the GMs to make the right decision and not end up in infamy like some of the draft picks above us.