Paul vs. Mayweather: an unlikely lineup


The two unlikely opponents will be fighting for “bragging rights” according to the both of them.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Jake Paul and his brother Logan have been getting the center spotlight  this past week, Jake because of his fight against Ben Askren and now Logan because of his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather. Both brothers have taken on their love for boxing in recent years and now things are starting to get very serious with Logan challenging the undefeated featherweight boxer.


Logan’s most recent fight was versus KSI in 2019 in which he lost in a split decision. His overall record is 0-1-1 with his tie also being versus KSI. This is compared with Mayweather’s 50-0 record, 27 of them being with knockouts. Mayweather also is almost 20 years older than Logan and has ten times his experience. Logan may have let his ego get in the way of common sense by challenging Mayweather. But we can’t forget the fact that Mayweather has been retired for almost four years and his last real fight was versus Connor McGregor in that same year. We could possibly see both brothers go home with two wins in their matches, but I find this unlikely to happen. I don’t think Logan has nearly enough experience to be challenging someone with such a big name in the boxing industry. Especially since he has only fought two fights against the same opponent and carries no wins with his name.


The fight is scheduled for June 6th, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The fight can be watched live on pay-per-view and will likely be shown at midnight. Let’s hope the fight is more entertaining and worth while than his brothers 10 second knockout versus Askren. Logan has been training for this moment and his excitement was seen when he posted on social media using some vulgar language. Paul actually comes in with a height and weight advantage over Mayweather (6’2 190lbs compared to 5’8 150 lbs, respectively) but experience surely will outweigh anything else. The fight seemingly came out of nowhere as it seemed that no fans really advocated for the two to go at it. But Paul has stated that it has been his dream to fight Floyd Mayweather. A sick dream at that. I don’t think many people would share that dream but Paul will get his chance in a little over a month on the big stage in Miami. Mayweather also seems excited to get back in the ring and it will definitely be interesting to see the outcome and how the media reacts to whatever goes down.


In June 6th, two unlikely opponents will go toe to toe at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Logan Paul will be able to get his shot at getting his first win versus the undefeated former lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather. Is he in over his head, or will he somehow defy the odds and claim his victory?