The overall GOAT


Who deserves this title?

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

There has been a lot of talks recently on who takes the GOAT title in basketball since LeBron James won his 4th championship. LeBron has taken poor teams to the Finals on multiple occasions, but Michael Jordan was a winner and has six finals MVPs to along with it. While you can argue who the GOAT is for hours, you can’t argue who’s the best in hockey and football. Those titles belong to Wayne Gretzky and Tom Brady.


Wayne Gretzky is first place in all-time points and second place isn’t even close. It’s amazing since all the people behind him have all played 300 more games and yet they are still so far behind. He won four Stanley Cups and no hockey player is touching him anytime soon. Almost any seasonal award belongs to him, including the assist and goal title. Then there’s Tom Brady, a seven- time champion and there’s no other way to describe him, a winner. He essentially picked a team at random that has had lots of struggles these past years and won a Super Bowl with them in his first year. That’s GOAT status and second place is pretty far behind.


Baseball and soccer can be a tad tricky, but for different reasons. Most of the candidates for baseball, played so long ago and it’s hard to gain a grasp of how they were as players. Some fans consider Mike Trout to be the GOAT, but he’s too early in his career to be called that plus he’s only made the playoffs one time. If I had to pick it would probably be Babe Ruth due to how he changed the game. He was the first player to start hitting for power and hitting home runs. It changed the game to a more entertaining fashion. In soccer it’s up to two people, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both are still playing at an elite level even at their age. While you can’t go wrong with either player here, Messi gets the edge here since he’s first in all time assists and top five in goals.


So with all that being said, who’s the overall GOAT? It’s between Gretzky and Brady, but I’m giving the edge to Tom Brady. His accolades are seven Super Bowl, five Super Bowl MVPs, three league MVPs, all-time leader in passing touchdowns, is about to become the all-time leader in passing yards, and the most Pro Bowl selections ever at 14. Try beating those numbers.