The new XFL cities and team names

As the XFL is coming back, I have offered suggestions to what the team names should be.

The XFL is hoping to break the curse from 2001 and 2020.

The XFL is hoping to break the curse from 2001 and 2020.

Maddox Greenberg, Staff Writer

Last week, I mentioned the new rules and some changes for the upcoming return of the XFL and what they should be.  Thankfully, you have waited patiently for a week to read another story of mine!  I have noted that next week I will explain the teams and their affiliations.  Well, with no further ado, I bring to you the eight teams of the XFL of 2022 (2023).


Birmingham Militia

Affiliates: Atlanta Falcons (closest in location) or New England Patriots (based on name)


I’ve chose Birmingham because I’ve figured they’d deserved another run as a football organization.  In the AAF, they were known as the Iron (for their city being a big producer of iron).  But, now as the AAF is toast, I think this populated city deserves one last shot.  I chose the Militia because the city is known for its founding of Veterans Day and hosts the oldest and largest Veterans Day celebration (per  I find ‘Militia’ better than Veterans because saying you have a veteran player on the Veterans seems silly.


Possible other names: Nobles and Patriots


Chicago Bounders

Affiliates: Chicago Bears


Obviously, I know Chicago already has a team, but I think they should have a developmental football team.  The city also are big football fans, and I’m sure they want to return to Soldier Field in the spring (since they won’t reach the playoffs—in due time, though).  The name ‘Bounders’ is based on the trams that go the east bound, west bound, north and south bound parts of Chicago.


Possible other names: Millenniums (after Millennium Park) and Sharks


Grand Rapids Chippewas

Affiliates: Detroit Lions (closest in location) or Kansas City Chiefs (based on name)


Grand Rapids is a city rich in art and nature.  It is home to the known “Grand River.”  This city full of art and enthusiastic in nature should have a football team.  With already one team (and it being an NBA G-League team named Grand Rapids Gold, affiliated with the Denver Nuggets, a city half-way across the country), why not add another sport, and specifically a sport team primarily for the city?  And this team being for the great citizens of Grand Rapids, I chose the Chippewas (too much, I know) for they were one of the early settlers of Grand Rapids.


Possible other names: Lumberjacks and Lakers


Oklahoma City Survivors

Affiliates: Kansas City Chiefs or Houston Texans (both close in location)


Oklahoma City has been in love with its basketball team, the Thunder.  This populated city only has a few teams, with only college football teams and no pro.  They desperately need a team in the XFL.  The name ‘Survivors’ comes from the long history of devastation in Oklahoma City, including the Bombing and the dozens of tornadoes.  Oklahoma City also has a nearly century-old tree called the Survivor Tree that made it through the blast in the bombing and currently sits in front of the Memorial building.


Possible other names: Friendlies (after city’s nickname) and Oilers


Portland Stumpers

Affiliates: Seattle Seahawks


Just like Oklahoma City, Portland only has one pro team in basketball and a few college football teams.  However, Portland does have a successful soccer team in the MLS.  But still, Portland is a big city and has a population of over 645,000 people.  Portland should have a team.  Portland’s fan bases are so dedicated and loving, I’m sure they would love a pro football team.  ‘Stumpers’ comes from the stumps off of the trees that lumberjacks chop off.


Possible other names: Phantoms and Flyers (because of airport)

Reno Phantoms

Affiliates: Las Vegas Raiders


Reno is more than just the name and site of mockumentary Reno 911.  It is also well-populated and is home to a lot of casinos.  I chose ‘Phantoms’ because Reno reportedly has lots of haunted locations in its city.


Possible other names: Miners and Pistons


Sacramento Arboles

Affiliate: San Francisco 49ers


I chose the city of Sacramento because, even though it only has one sports team and not really considered a ‘sports city’, I think we should get it started.  If the fans are big on their NBA team and then not making the playoffs in a long, long, long time, then they should do great for football as a fan base.  I thought of ‘Arboles’ because arboles is Spanish for ‘trees’ and Sacramento is known as ‘The City of Trees’.


Possible other names: Lumberjacks and Gandies (name of railroad workers in 1917)


Salt Lake Sea Monsters

Affiliates: Minnesota Vikings (based on the name)


Salt Lake is a city well known for the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Utah is home to the NBA’s Jazz and have only college football teams.  I think Salt Lake and its sports fans have waited long enough for pro football after the AAF fell.  The ‘Sea Monsters’ because Salt Lake has a city folklore of a monster in the lake.  It is said to have ‘a crocodile-like body and the head of the horse.’


Possible other names: Elks and Bison


Here are the eight team names that I think The Rock and Dany Garcia should use when the XFL comes back in a year or two.  Hopefully, they may use the names.  But, for now, do you agree with the list?