Tomlin delivers an all time classic press conference

The long time Steelers coach made his stance on college coaching abundantly clear on Tuesday.

Mike Tomlin is a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, as his realism with the team’s success and failure has made supporters gravitate towards him since the beginning of his tenure.

Mike Tomlin is a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, as his realism with the team’s success and failure has made supporters gravitate towards him since the beginning of his tenure.

Brendan Wells, Web Editor

While I’ll be the first to admit that my athletic ability isn’t what most would consider to be “top tier”, I’ve always gravitated towards sports and all the good I believe they do for our world, with American football being at the top of my list. Neither of my parents are originally from the states, meaning I didn’t have a team I was “born into”, but my godmother was an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so I seemed to be thrown into them from a young age. While I identify as more of a football “independent” today, I still keep up with Steelers news, and this week provided some fireworks courtesy of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

I’m order for the true hilarity of this situation to make sense, I need to provide some context. Let’s begin in the world of college football, more specifically the once power-house program at the university of Southern California. So-cal hasn’t seen a national championship victory since 2004, and the revolving door of head coaches since then has always made USC a hotspot for NFL coaches possibly looking to coach at the college level. However, these hiring rumors always seem to drive head coaches crazy, as they see the prospect of them coaching D1 disrespectful to their ability as an NFL head coach. With this in mind, the media loves to jump on asking if a coach has pondered leaving, usually prompting some snarky and sharp responses.

This situation presented itself perfectly on Tuesday, with USC in the midst of a coaching search and Tomlin’s Steelers slumping compared to the their usual high standards, coming off a brutal playoff loss last year and starting the season at 3-3, placing them at the bottom of their division. During the mid day press conference, Tomlin was asked by a regular team news reporter if he’d ever had “any interest in being a head coach in the college game” later going on to elaborate that Tomlin’s name had been thrown around with a few others as a potential candidate for the USC job. We should’ve known we were in for a doozy when Tomlin immediately started shaking his head; he almost instantly knew what was up and had obviously been well aware of the rumors floating around. Tomlin spit fire with his response. He first told media members “hey guys, I don’t have time for that speculation. That’s a joke to me”. He continues by saying that he has “one of the best jobs in all of professional sports” and next questions why he’d ever have any interest in being a college coach. He continues by warning the media that this is the last time he’s be addressing it “not only today, but moving forward” closing his sharp response with a quote NFL fans will be repeating for years “never say never, but never.” Tomlin’s stone cold delivery made his comments all the more serious, and exclaiming that “theres not a booster with a big enough blank check” before ending the press conference early by getting up at leaving solidified his point even further. I really can’t say I disagree with his sentiments here though. Tomlin is not only one of the best coaches in the league, but he’s undeniably one of the best coaches of all time based off of his immense accomplishments. He’s never had a losing season in his 14 years as the Steelers head coach while leading them to 7 division titles, 3 conference championship appearances, and a super bowl XLIII victory, making him the youngest coach to ever win the Super Bowl at just 36 years old. To put it shortly, Tomlin is no joke, and Steelers fans love his brutally honest and candid approach to everything despite Pittsburgh seeing little playoff success in the last couple years. To be asked if he’d like to coach at USC is absolutely the cheap shot Tomlin thought it was, and I believe he addressed it perfectly. Respect is a very important thing, and Tomlin certainly gained some with his handling of the laughable rumors swirling around him.


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