Sunday featured a showdown of NFL players of a similar superstar pedigree, connected by their identical names

NFL history, as Josh Allen and Josh Allen combine for a QB vs. DE battle for the ages .

NFL history, as Josh Allen and Josh Allen combine for a QB vs. DE battle for the ages .

Brendan Wells, Web Editor

This past weekend featured one of the most intriguing matchups to ever see the face of the gridiron, as the budding superstar quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, would line up on the opposing side of jaw dropping Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end… Josh Allen. This phenomenon is once in a lifetime and can only be referred to as one thing; Joshception


Fans of the Bills and Jaguars have been waiting for this moment since the day their respected Josh Allens were drafted, the battle of the ages, not just for football supremacy, but the honor and legacy of an entire namesake. Both Josh Allens have been tied together since they first came out of college, as they were both first round draft picks for their respective franchises in 2017, and have both seen pretty immediate NFL success. Quarterback Josh Allen had a rough few years straight out of college into the NFL, with some subpar performances before he had an absolute breakout season in 2020, which had analysts calling for the young star to win his first MVP award in this season. Since then, Allen has continued to prove himself to be a top 5 quarterback in the league, with endless potential to progress. Defensive end Josh Allen has been more of a sleeper in his opening NFL seasons, as the Jaguars haven’t been the most successful of teams considering their constant quarterback controversies and questionable coaching changes. Allen has remained an understated yet dominant player on the Jaguars defense, as his pure athleticism is often enough to simply overpower any offensive lineman. Now let’s get to the results of the once in a lifetime mirror match between the Josh Allens.


I’d like to start this game summary with saying that these two teams could not be any different other than their similarly named superstars. The Jaguars are what NFL fans refer to as a “poverty franchise,” a team that is so embarrassing and horrible that the entire league has an inside joke about how awful they consistently are. The Bills, on the other hand, are a young and rising team, with Pro-Bowlers littered all over the field on both sides of the ball. However, it seems as though absolutely none of that mattered on Sunday at TIAA bank field in Jacksonville, Florida. In what was surprisingly a defensive battle, the abysmal Jaguars defended Duval County with a 9-6 win over the Bills, who just couldn’t seem to get it going on offense. But as for the results we all came for, Joshception did anything but disappoint. Defensive end Josh Allen got the best in the battle of the Joshes, as he came away with a sack, interception, and recovered fumble off of quarterback Josh Allen, contributing to the quarterback’s abysmal day at the office, with no scores, 2 interceptions, and les than 300 yards passing. Regardless, Not only was this a historic event, but the excitement delivered by both Joshes in this unique matchup made for a special Sunday experience.