The Team- The Controversies and the Possible Restoration of This Once Glorified Organization


The former Washington Redskins name change occurred July 2020 after its usage for 87 years.

Maddox Greenberg, Staff Writer

Hello there, again! Long time, no see! As I was delving in my second semester courses, I found something on my Bleacher Report app. It stated that the Washington No-Namers will announce their new name, logo, and uniforms on February 2nd. This alert comes a couple of days after video surfaced of several Eagles fans overflowing one side of the railing leading to the tunnel and falling six-feet, soon leading to another allegation against Washington when a couple of the Eagles fans said the security at FedEx Field didn’t show compassion, nor cared about the Eagles fans (who would? This coming from a Patriots fan).

Now that Washington announced that they will have a new identity on Groundhog’s Day, the Wednesday after the NFC and AFC championship games, this could be a sign of hope and change amongst an organization that is filled with allegations and rumors of abuse for over two decades. Let’s dive in, shall we?

In 1999, billionaire businessman Dan Snyder bought the then-Washington Redskins football organization from Jack Kent Cooke. Since then, the Redskins record was 149-202-1 through the end of the 2020 season (the season in which the Football Team became NFC East champions with a 7-9 record. With Cooke, from 1969 to 1996, the Redskins were 250-169-3 and won three Super Bowls). Under Snyder, tons of controversies and allegations emerged. Such as rising ticket and parking prices, Snyder charging fans for tailgating in certain spots, and during the Great Recession of the late 2000s, suing season ticket holders who were unable to pay (despite him saying there were over 200k people on season ticket waiting list). He even temporarily banned all signs from FedEx Field because the “policy had coincided with an increase of signs that were critical of Snyder and front office chief Vinny Cerrato” (

Throughout his tenure, Snyder has been pressured by fans and politicians to change the ‘Redskins’ trademark, which was once used by the Boston Redskins team (1933-36), since redskins in used as a racial slur towards Native Americans. Snyder repeatedly said no to that, until he was pressured by Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo to change the name permanently following the George Floyd murder that occurred in 2020.

Snyder didn’t do just that! He also brokered a deal with the National Park Service to remove old growth trees from 200 feet on his property to see the Potomac River. This was on national parkland! Finally, the crown jewel of Snyder’s ignorance and disgusting reign, the cherry on top, over 40 women (office workers, former employees, and cheerleaders) had told the Washington Post in 2020 about them being harassed and discriminated by Snyder, male executives, and fellow colleagues and players beginning in at least 2006.

The last biggest controversy was with former general manager Bruce Allen. As I mentioned earlier in one of my other articles, “Did they deserve that much?”, in which I talked about Gruden’s firing when emails resurfaced between him, other executives, and Allen. Bruce Allen participated in a disgusting act of exchanging emails of nude former Washington Football Team cheerleaders and Allen, reported by Bleacher Report, constantly bullied and intimidated women frequently, and “many described the culture as one of fear, and numerous female employees reported having experienced sexual harassment and a general lack of respect.”

On top of that, the recent allegations by Eagles fans; Andrew Collins, his girlfriend Marissa Santarlasci, Mike Naimoli and his girlfriend Morgan French (along with several others that fell) reported the lack of care the security in FedEx Field treated them. I’m beginning to think this organization needs to be fixed.

Now that the organization will have a new identity and look, I think this could be a fresh start to a new chapter of the Washington Football Team. But what they need to do, is to fire Dan Snyder, redo the whole front office, and get a new quarterback, and yada, yada, yada. You may ask yourself, could the NFL fire an owner? Well, yes. The Commissioner can accuse any owner, shareholder, or partner for wrongful conduct and would take that complaint to the league’s Executive Committee. The Commissioner would need three-fourths to vote yes. That same committee would also need three-fourths of the members to vote a new owner. (Per, In the Executive Committee there is one representative—either an owner or top officer—for each of the 32 football organizations (

Just less than a year ago former player Jason Wright became the first black president of an NFL team in history when it was announced that Wright became the WFT president in August 2020.

It is starting to show that there is change in the NFL and for the Washington Football Team. With the name reveal coming soon, I think the Redtails would be a perfect name to help start a new chapter for a hopefully Snyder-less Washington professional football organization. The Redtails represents the name of the planes the Tuskegee Airmen used when escorting bomber planes in World War II, lead by the first All-Black aviating group in American history. It just only makes sense that today for a team with such a bad rep like the Washington Football Team to renew itself with this name.

A list of the names the Washington organization revealed that one would be the newest name of the NFL. From the Pat McAfee show.

Well, we’ll know soon enough.  Do you agree with me that that should be the name for Washington?  What do you think Washington should do?  Get a new owner? Clean out the front office and start fresh? Possibly draft someone like Malik Willis as a possible franchise quarterback?