My favorite picks of the 2022 NFL draft

Highlights from a big night in Vegas

The Lions nabbed a huge star with the #2 pick.

The Lions nabbed a huge star with the #2 pick.

Brendan Wells, Web Editor

With the 2022 NFL draft in the books, I’d like to recap with some of my favorite selections of the first round. In a draft with incredible depth but not many blue-chip prospects. The draft strategies teams took were more than interesting, and I’ll be covering them in this article.


The Detroit Lions select Aiden Hutchinson 2nd overall

The poverty franchise known as the Detroit Lions made a GREAT selection with their 2nd overall pick, going with Michigan defensive end Aiden Hutchinson, an indication of a potential turnaround for the football team that calls Motor City home. Hutchinson was the projected number one overall pick for most of the draft process, but a blunder (in my opinion) by the Jaguars at #1 allowed Detroit to nab their star defensive piece for years to come. Hutchinson is a Michigan man through and through, and the marketability of this guy will do massive things for the Lions franchise as a whole.


The Jets absolutely nail the first round (you read that right)

Now let’s talk about the abysmal as of late New York Jets, who are about as lost as a franchise can possibly get. With this in mind, the absolutely killed the first round this year. I loved the selection of the new best nickname in the league- Cincinnati cornerback A1 Sweet-feet Sauce Gardner, who is a lockdown option and the next Revis Island in the Big Apple. After getting a player who allowed 0 touchdowns in his collegiate career, they grabbed an Alabama receiver who has scored many of them at pick 10. Garrett Wilson is coming off a torn ACL in the national championship game, but this injury isn’t the athletic death sentence it once was, and what may end up being the best receiver taken in this draft will be back potentially for the start of the season. Finally, the Jets traded back up into the first round to STEAL Florida State edge rusher Jermaine Johnson, a defensive nightmare who slid on draft night into the late first round after being projected as a possible top ten pick. There was speculation the Jets may have even drafted him at 10 overall, but their ability to grab him at 26 overall is a testament to the changing culture within the Jets organization.


The Eagles become one of the best teams in the league overnight.

What a draft night for Philly. Let’s start with their 13th overall selection, Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis. He stands at 6 foot 6 and carries around 340 pounds with him, but get this. The guy runs a BLAZING 4.7 second 40 yard dash, beating out other players at the combine who weigh 100 pounds less than him. An athletic freak, Davis will be a staple on the Eagles’ defensive line for years to come, a group that is already well respected for their pro-bowl caliber players all over. The move of the night, though, came when they traded their 18th overall pick and a third rounder for star Titans receiver A.J Brown. Brown will make an immediate impact on this offense, and pairing him with 2nd year receiver and Heisman winner Devonta Smith makes Philly a terrifying unit for the rest of the NFC East to deal with. We’ll see how Jalen Hurts progresses, but I loveeee the Eagles to come out of a not too great division and find themselves in a home playoff game.


Pittsburgh fins their QB of the future

It’s Pickett time in Pittsburgh. The Steelers spent draft night waiting it out, and were rewarded as they selected the first quarterback off the board, University of Pittsburgh product Kenny Pickett. An all ACC level player, Pickett continued the theme of homecomings in this draft as he’ll play professionally right up the street from where he lit up the college football world at Pitt. I do like Pickett a lot, and while going into the night I was eager to see the Steelers pull the trigger on Liberty project with massive upside, QB Malik Willis, I’m glad the nabbed Pickett for pretty good value at the 20th overall. They didn’t have to trade up, and they sat back all night as the player they wanted fell right into their lap. While I can’t say how is career will pan out, I know for a fact that the Steeler faithful will embrace this kid with open arms, and he’ll likely become the face of the franchise if he can find success at the NFL level.


Well, an exciting draft has set us up perfectly for an exciting season, and while we still have camp and preseason to get through, I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t excited for fall football to roll around and come back into our lives.