2018-2019 Staff

Kids will be mistaking cursive for ancient hieroglyphics

Photo provided by chronicle.com

Danielle Barnych

When watching old time movies and going through old photo albums, one can recognize the iconic style of writing known as cursive. In earlier times, before technology was so prominent, people relied on written communication in...

Supreme Fire Extinguisher? Yeah, Supreme Fire Extinguisher. Via idelman.com

Wyatt Harris

Maybe buying a crowbar with the word Supreme on it wasn’t the best idea If you are under the age of 30, are in tune with pop culture, or are interested with the oddities of fashion and streetwear, then you are more than familiar...

1Tyrod Taylor has started over Baker Mayfield to start off the season.

Cory Fakterowitz

The Cleveland Browns are off to their best start since 2004, putting up a record of 0-1-1 through week 2. That’s right, with just a tie and a loss the Browns have been more successful than they have been in 13 years through...

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