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Employees have been encouraged to take time off while campus security improves.

YouTube shooting

May 7, 2018
Hypnotism is real, its here, and can be controlled by Jacklyn Duffeks tongue pops.

A hypnotizing brunch

April 20, 2018
(From left to right) Sparkle, IQ, Jungle, Goth and Diva Kitty ready to whip the competition.

Handmaid Kitty Girls

March 16, 2018
The future of American politics sporting his signature Bacon hat.

The Frat and the Furious

February 26, 2018
Me and my BFF InDesign.

50th anniversary

February 9, 2018
Shakespeare who? I only know this tragedy.

It’s not okay

January 26, 2018
Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother

January 12, 2018
Here lies Clyde; he was totaled and will be missed.

Last Friday night

December 8, 2017
I came, I ate, I conquered.

First time Moe’s review

November 17, 2017
God said “let there be light”, and Sephora answered.

A change at Sephora

September 6, 2017
We all know who the Oscars were really about.

Oscars recap

March 26, 2017
Snake slithering her way to the top.

The Bachelor S21 E2

January 24, 2017
4 seasons, 3 girls, 2 Bachelorettes, 1 rose.

The Bachelor returns

January 10, 2017
Rioters are pictures here in San Jose, California.


December 8, 2016
The eye before the storm

RIP Brangelina

September 30, 2016
The app teenagers want to rule their lives.

Are YouTubers talented?

September 16, 2016
Obamas tan suit caused quite the reaction.

Presidential fashion

September 14, 2016
The linked rings symbolize countries joining together and the “art” above it symbolizes how messy it is trying to do so.

Olympic overview

September 14, 2016
  The book Jon Negroni put way too much time into writing

The Pixar Theory

February 19, 2016
Her moment and only minute of fame

Tragedy in the Universe

February 11, 2016
Before Rose had zero hesitation to let go.

Overrate-ion nation

February 4, 2016
English teacher Ms. Panarelli enjoys Pink Floyd’s unique sound and overkill of triangle logos.

Teachers’ top playlists

September 26, 2015
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