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Us in the Steak N Shake drive-thru.  The Crocs make the photo.

Prom review 2022

May 2, 2022
The Minion ride was honestly life changing. I highly recommend.

Grand Grad Bash 2022

April 20, 2022
Shout out to New York Times for the best word game ever.

Wordle warrior

April 20, 2022
Here is me right after getting my wisdom teeth surgery.

I got my wisdom teeth out

February 24, 2022
My view from the famous Ferris wheel!

Florida State Fair 2022

February 15, 2022
This is an example of what not to get.

Starbucks study sips

February 1, 2022
Omicron, a variant of Covid-19, is spreading rapidly!

Omicron incoming!

January 22, 2022
This is him. The man. The myth. The legend.


January 15, 2022
The MacBook Pro promo photos (

The new MacBook Pro

November 5, 2021
Here are four visuals of why you should visit Arizona.

Arizona Adventure

October 29, 2021
The AirPods Max in all their glory.

AirPods Max review

October 24, 2021
Saving money in the present can be a big help for the future!

Tips for saving money

September 17, 2021
Niagara Falls on a rainy Canadian day.

Canada trip 2021

September 13, 2021
To all the sophomores and juniors: be sure to park in your own spot this year.

Car circle chaos

September 7, 2021
Hammer, his ex-wife Elizabeth, and two children.

Armie Hammer’s secret

February 5, 2021
Could she be the Christmas devil?

Christmas conspiracies

December 18, 2020
My personal Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped 2020

December 4, 2020
The show was released November 10th, 2020 and seems to be doing very well on the Netflix platform.

A true Christmas miracle

November 20, 2020
Here is one of my most recent frozen memories!

My Polaroid camera

September 25, 2020
 This outfit is a classic, cute but also trendy! A go to outfit for me on a normal day.

Quarantine closet

September 3, 2020
Meet the Pogues.

Outer Banks review

April 25, 2020

The new Netflix?

November 22, 2019
Tik Tok now has over one billion users since it came out in September 2017

How to be Tik Tok Famous

September 27, 2019
Of Netflixs new spending in 2018, 85% went toward original-content production.

Best Netflix originals

September 4, 2019
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