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It should be illegal to show a picture of the nude orange it is so gravitating

Oranges: the legend

February 23, 2018
A disheartening end, but there is hope for the future.


January 26, 2018
Two powerhouse teams collide.

Jaguars season update

January 12, 2018
The top of the food chain has been revealed.

Paradise Papers

December 14, 2017
The view from freeway 405 Wednesday morning.

Fires in California

December 8, 2017
Scientists are researching whether Ross 128 could support life.

The search for life

November 17, 2017
This picture reeks of my childhood.

The best cartoons

October 23, 2017
Nuf’ said.

Net neutrality

August 31, 2017
Strawberry festival

Strawberry festival

March 9, 2017
The two rising stars of Florida.

The Gators season recap

January 13, 2017
A man and his donkey, can it get any better?

The Donkey Whisperer

October 24, 2016
Reports of terrifying clowns have surfaced in over half the states in the nation.

Why so serious?

October 6, 2016
The moon or bust. Rare elements keep scientists coming back for more.

The moon express

September 9, 2016
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