Better Get Used To It

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

Not too many things change year from year in school, but one of the things that has been changing in the recent years in Pinellas County is the attendance policy within high schools. The year 2008-2009 policy was if you had 9 absences or less, you were able to exempt as long as you had an A or a B average in the course. Then in 2009-2010, the school board eliminated the attendance requirement due to the swine flu.

   Now that the swine flu has gone and passed, the school board of Pinellas County has been at it again, attempting and succeeding in the new policy which only allows you to have as little as 5 days away from class. The biggest reason for the change was that without a border of how many absences you may have, people would skip class and never think twice about it. Teachers complained that students were no longer showing up. But only five absences?! Many feel the number is absurd and will be a hard task to keep up with the new policy. Even being out sick does not get you excused.

        So what does this mean for the students at East Lake High? Well just ask Nick Romary who said “ ever since I heard about the new policy, I can no longer sleep in a little longer in the morning or even be a tad late”, knowing that for every three tardies you receive in a class period you earn 1 absence which pile on to your total number of five. Another new rule the board has included for the school year is that you must be present for more then half the class period or it will not count.  Even though  the final vote is September the 14th, it is extremely likely for it to pass, making it official. The only thing you can do during times like these are to get to class.