Class Rings, are they worth the expense?

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

Class rings can range in cost anywhere from 70 to 100 dollars. You can customize your ring and make it fit your personality and your style. Senior Courtney Kline bought a ring, she said “I wear it a lot, it is something that I will always have to help me remember the many memories and friends I made at East Lake.” Class rings are a great way to remember the high school experience. With a class ring you can show your children it.

Many students do not see the point of buying a costly ring that you will only wear for one or two years. When high school is over not  lot of people continue to wear their ring. This keepsake is a little too pricey in some students opinion. Senior Kimmy Gooch says “I do not need a pricey ring in order to remember my high school experience.

The issue is spilt. Whether class rings are worth the expense or not is ultimately up to the person. If it’s something you want to remember high school and show your children then buy one. If class rings are not your thing do not waste your money. Especially if you think you will end up not wearing it or losing it.  It’s up to you in the end.