Wiz Khalifa or Homecoming game?

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

     This year the homecoming schedule is thrown out of whack. The SGA has decided to have the football game last, while the homecoming week and dance come before it. This was to fit date available  for the venue for this year’s homecoming, Innisbrook. Even though this new schedule has thought to be more convenient, there has been a problem that has come up over time.

On the day East Lake High has their homecoming football game, which is on November 5, so happens to be the day that famous rapper Wiz Khalifa is in town, performing in Ybor City. This concert being held on the same day as the football game can cause problems. Wiz Khalifa, one of the most played rappers of today, is making some people rethink about going to their homecoming game. Jake Shaffer and Blake Donnely,  like many others at East Lake High, bought their tickets and feel it will be a better time then the homecoming game. They are not the only two, though; the whole school is talking more about the concert and less about the game. On the other hand, two of East Lake’s varsity footbal players, Tyler Carbonelli and Steve Buric, think that the game is more important and need the support from the fans to make it a good night. If the students decide to go to the concert rather then the game, it would lead to a huge disappointment. Not being able to fill up the stands at your homecoming game is embarrassing and by the loks of it, that is what may happen. This also might be so because the dance is before the game, which doesn’t give you the same feel you would normally have in recent years.