Unconventional way of the Rays

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

The Rays clinched their second playoff spot in three years last Tuesday in front of 17,891 fans; but Monday night’s game only drew an attendance of just over 12,000 fans, this number left many Rays players, including Evan Longoria, complaining about a lack of fan support.  This season the Rays are averaging 22,850, the ninth lowest average in the majors and only 52.2% of capacity at Tropicana Field.  This along with the fact that the result of Wednesday night’s game was irrelevant led to the Rays organization doing something extremely rare in professional sports, giving away 20,000 tickets to fans for free.

                Even after getting over 36,000 in attendance the Rays fell short and lost 2-0 to the Baltimore Orioles.  This might have been disappointing to those cheering for the Rays but many fans who received these free tickets still said that they had a great time, including East Lake senior Jill Ferro. This was a really good way for the Rays organization to allow people who may not of otherwise been able to make it to the game.  The Rays lost the game but they certainly won over many more fans who may fill the seats in games to come.