Who do you date?

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

Everyone dates, but have you ever noticed people date people in the same group?

        It seems like people don’t go out of their circle of friends to date other people. Wondering why? “Staying in my group of friends is more comfortable to me. I’m kind of a shy person and all my friends already know how I am so it’s easier to date my group,” said junior Trent Rudkin. Dating in the same group is easier for some people so they don’t have to go out of their comfort zone.

       “I’ve known my boyfriend since fourth grade. He was already my best friend so it was easy to like him,” said freshman Amanda Blair.  People think it’s a good idea to date in the same group. Other people don’t even believe there are certain types to date. “I think people should date whoever they like, whether it’s in their group or out,” said senior Jessica Stryjewski. Who people date is based on how comfortable they are with each other and how much they can relate to each other. So maybe there are certain dating types, but once again, that’s all up to you.

       People categorize themselves into different groups or date people that are in certain groups. “I love football players; I mean every girl does. But those are the guys that I go after,” said junior Mila Paunovich. Some may think, football players go with cheerleaders, baseball players go with softball players, etc. You may think that the category of the group determines which group you date, but does it mean that they’re right for each other?

   Ever heard the phrase “Looks don’t matter; it’s the insides that counts?” Well that statement is not entirely true. A lot of people go for a certain look. “I remember in my sophomore year I loved girls that had that punk rock look,” said senior Tysen Sargent. Everyone has that certain look they love, so of course they’re going to try to date someone that fits it.