Calling vs texting

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

In our technological society today everyone is always on their cell phone.  Anyone who is anyone has a cell phone and is always on it.  Walking down the hallway you see people on their phone, driving in their car, working out…the list goes on and on.  While our world has become more technologically based, we find ourselves moving at the same speed.  Living our lives always on the go, who has time to have a conversation on the phone?  These days people just text their friends about the new drama going on at school or their boss if they are running a little late.  While texting is so much faster and more practical it is very impersonal.  Does practical outweigh the personal?  In some cases, yes it does.  For example, when you are coming to pick up a friend, you just send them a text when you reach their house, “I’m here,” so they know to come outside.  In some cases personal is the better way to go. Drake Rowland, a sophomore says, “When I text my mom “k” she thinks I’m mad or annoyed when I’m really just responding to her.”   Calling someone when in an argument or disagreement is better than texting about it.  You can’t infer emotion in text messages so sometimes people don’t know if you are mad at them or not.  So the question still remains, “Is calling or texting better?”  I guess it depends on the circumstance.  There are pros and cons to both so it is good we have the option to call or send someone a text.